Kahn, Commodo & Gantz – Volume 1 (Deep Medi Musik MEDILP011 – 2015)

Dubstep and bass music has not caught much of my attention. Perhaps I missed the first wave of innovative productions and didn’t find excitement in later releases, when the genre moved closer to dance music’s mainstream. However, my ignorance has neither been deliberate nor total because since Goth-Trad EP, I’m having a crush on one label, Deep Medi Musik. Being one of the genre’s best outlets, it’s renowned for many artistic endeavours of unreal dub-tinged bass. Kahn has been ruling with recent delirious material like “Abattoir” and “Dread / Late Night Blues (Gorgon Sound Versions)” and has now joined fellow producers Commodo and Gantz for […]

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Various – …I Care Because You Don‘t (Turbo Recordings Turbo163 – 2014)


Scottish two-man techno act Clouds has found an inspiring haven in Canada when they have released the debut album and four EPs, including two takes of “Tannhauser Acid Works”, on the Montreal-based Turbo Recordings. Now Calum Macleod and Liam Robertson are ready for another round, this time as curators of “I Care Because You Don’t”, a massive rollout of UK hardcore stabs and electro hop. Current four-track sampler is an appetizer for a full compilation, out at the end of October, and in addition to early UK influences, the sampler recalls the sounds of long defunct Pharma label. Rogue beat […]

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Youngman & Landstrumm – Fry Up (Snork Enterprises Snork070 – 2014)


Release date is in May 2014 A new showing of veteran techno by two top acteurs active from the mid-1990s when Bill Youngman and Neil Landstrumm give with “Fry Up” a convincing proof of well-preserved skills.Collab tracks are found on the A-side and the EP gets a slamming start in “Cannon”, a synthesis of technoid italo riff and brisk sub-bass. “Venus” opens in psychedelic moods, reminding of Black Devil, but it’s a truly battering techno cut with hyperactive synth modulations on rock-solid bass.The B-side belongs to Landstrumm’s harsh funk when “Roulette” is carried by a fat synth line and “Wall” […]

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Headless Horseman – Headless Horseman 001 (HDL001 – 2013)


The debut of the Headless Horseman imprint is a worthy reincarnation of the 19th-century fiction hero as the dark raver. Anonymous three-tracker offers proper techno with fair amount of variations in the shadier side of the electronic music.Decapitated Centaur leads us to the territories covered by psychedelic dust when all begins with the jangling stepper “Chatterton Hill” which is pretty close to Regis’s exploits on Blackest Ever Black. Straightforward floor action is served by “Hessian” with dark kicks and crackling noise layers while bewitched sub-bass and fierce stabs in “Sleepy Hollow” remind of  Cassegrain’s and Goth-Trad’s handwriting. Impressive. Buy vinyl […]

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