Stave – Trust EP (Trensmat TR040 – 2013)


Mechanical witchery by Stave, a project from the mind of Chicago’s Jonathan Krohn, is unleashed in the end-of-the-year release by Irish label Trensmat. “Trust EP” goes further from the label’s recent jittery percussion into the realms of throbbing and harsh machine language. Any wellness desires are trampled under the heels of iron when in the opener „Trust“ a vermicular drone is overrun by massive industrial whip, succeeded by multi-rhythmic warfare “Anon“ with eerie horns and murmuring monks. On the B-side demontage resumes with Israel Vines’s fierce remix of „Tower 9“, with ghastly moans and industrial breakbeats towering over an obese […]

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Dwellings – Don’t Say Nothing (Trensmat Records TR039 – 2013)


Every noise has a note, believes Trensmat Records, a label located in Trim, Meath County and Ireland, increasingly pursuing deviant electronics to be cherished by open-minded dance floors.Chris Haslam aka Dwellings from the Manchester group Gnod was already featured on Trensmat’s big success “Gnod Presents … Dwellings & Druss” and goes now solo with “Don’t Say Nothing”. Technically taken it’s a reissue after an edition of 50 cassettes on Tesla Tapes and during 50 minutes the album will elegantly satisfy the needs for energetic noise and agile drumming.The opener “Frame Speed” is already in full swing with rattling percussion and […]

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Rezzett – Rezzett EP (The Trilogy Tapes TTT012 – 2013)


Magic touch of The Trilogy Tapes is preserved when Rezzett’s strikingly uncouth debut lands on the innovative UK label.Detroit is vaguely calling in the first tones of “Firebomb”, going on messy with distorted undulating chords and spiced up with EBM-style bassline. Next up is “Sutty”, exposed to noisy interference on vicious drum set while downtown lights are switched off with a buzzing drone.The B-side’s “Yayla” runs on 45 RPM and claims the first prize here. Cascading low frequencies over glimmering pads and mean shouts lead it to tumultuous waters, before the rule of the rhythm from mid-track positions it to […]

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_moonraker – Lowjit Vagrants (The Trilogy Tapes ‎TTT009 – 2013)


The Trilogy Tapes is wittingly engaged in cherry-picking of the young and promising – M GUN, Anthony Naples, Tuff Sherm, to mention only recent artists in the label’s catalog. Now it’s the turn of _moonraker, the act having debuted in the electronic scene in 2012 and made up of two artists from Philadelphia, Jason Carr and Kenneth_Lay, the latter having previously created fuss with V.Hold as Metasplice. The _moonraker operators have been assigned a machine enslavement task, executing it with twisted synth loops and noise processing. Starting with the A1 track “Oronimbus”, which evolves from high treble levels to biting oscillations […]

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Gnod – Presents..Dwellings & Druss (Trensmat Records TR034 – 2013)


Not many people might have heard about Gnod but the group tells us there is life in Manchester after Happy Mondays and Joy Division. So far residing in the alternative and krautrock camp, the collective from UK Northwest now knocks on the door of strobe-lit clubs with a new pulsating LP.Freshly out on the Irish imprint Trensmat, “Presents..Dwellings & Druss” deviates from the classic Madchester sound as it does in relation to the conventional floor fare, still able to address the techno faction. Playing essentially in the same league with Container and Pete Swanson, the group gives us three tracks filled […]

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Bronze Age – Antiquated Futurism (Bed Of Nails NAIL 002 – 2012)


Those finding Dominick Fernow’s electronic crusades too byzantine might seek comfort in (or on) Bed Of Nails, a new label set up by the Vatican Shadow fellow. After inaugural “September Cell” by the label curator, clearly appealing to the out-of-box dancefloor, the second slot allocated to Bronze Age confirms the label’s ambitions to blend techno, industrial and experimental for some marvelous techno-boogie.Bronze Age is a new act by Kris Lapke, so far hiding behind the names Alberich and Louder Than Life, in addition contributing to nerve damages at Hospital Productions.His “Antiquated Futurism”, a three-tracker on 45 RPM, gets a jump […]

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Red Stars Over Tokyo – 4 Track 12″ (Hot Hair 05 – 2012)


One artist, one label – Red Stars Over Tokyo impressed on the previous release for his own Hot Hair and on the new EP the artist from Belgium continues strong performances. The release is an edition of 300, of which each 100 pieces pressed as clear, clear green or black vinyl.Most of the EP could be described as grown-up electronica, but looking into depths of the compositions a notion of macabre beauty emerges. When we just take the first track “Two Lover Jumping Off The Roof” – musically it’s an expression of serenity, but this feeling is made void by […]

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KPLR – Untitled (Digitalis Recordings digiv037)


Rating: 9/10 KPLR has enslaved technology to conduct high-end acid experiments with punishing repetition and whirling EQ-effects. It’s pure unlimited programming that systematically avoids looking into the books of current techno idols. Occasionally the tracks remind of early Bunker output like Acid Planet, but those looking for bass-driven 303 slammers will be surprised. Also, the act has shown courage to resist the bass obsession by finding attraction in treble levels of the sound. It seems KPLR has noticed tiny elements in acid patterns, picked them up and built entire tracks around them. No ambient intros, no gradual introduction to the […]

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Blender techno


KPLR This year we have witnessed the invasion of wired punks moving on the fringe of electronic music. Hailing often from small-town America and ignoring the trends of the techno jetset, this new breed of artists has stirred up the scene in 2011. KPLR, Container, Red Stars Over Tokyo, Pete Swanson, Vatican Shadow, to name a few of them, have gained much respect and sheer admiration. There is a perfectly drafted piece on this phenomenon by Mnml Ssgs guys where the new direction in electronic music is dubbed “post-techno”. Fits pretty well in my view, the only thing is that […]

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