SHXCXCHCXSH – SsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSs (Avian ‎AVNLP003 – 2016)

AVNLP003 Artwork

Sssssnake chhharmers from Sweden, not only linguistically challenging dark knights from SHXCXCHCXSH who boast over 6,300 followers of their empty Soundcloud account, believe in the power of ‘s’ in the new album for UK label Avian. After initial rush to vitriolic roughness, when only to recall earlier catalogue entries by Shifted and MPIA3’s, Avian’s tastes have become more varied (Litüus, for example) and SHXCXCHCXSH’s album belongs rather to the experimental section. Instead of targeting sweaty techno caves with their previous Avian LP “Strgths”, SHXCXCHCXSH emits steamy, pixelated sound that constitutes the basis of most of the compositions. Consciously or not, many parts sound very familiar: one of the album’s best tracks, “Ssss” at […]

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CSA, Lucindo – Compact Cassette 1 (3TH Records 3THCC01 – 2016)


Noisy synth and drone spillage from Berlin’s famed and feared 3TH Records that launch a cassette series with a release split between the ‘newcomer’ CSA (aka Ascion) and Lucindo. The A-side’s most intense moments come with CSA’s kick drum rush “eXeNTeSICUL” and dissonant mad man’s therapy “Devid S. Mystic Shower”, the rest being lost in the dark ambient maze. On the B-side, Lucindo is driven by caveman instincts and opens with crusty bassline in “Neandershöhle”. For tearing up the floor, full-ahead fare “Club” is included, but there’s also strong appeal in short synth bursts “Undercave” and “Prehistoric Ritual”, before the termination arrives with “Savage Burial”. Points: 7 of […]

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Ancient Methods – Turn Ice Realities Into Fire Dreams (Hands Productions V071 – 2015)


Ancient Methods has been a driving force behind the surge of dark industrial techno, a genre that is showing signs of saturation when numerous aspiring producers try to catch ‘the trend’. However, “Turn Ice Realities Into Fire Dreams”, the first Ancient Methods solo work in two years, proves that core values of industrial techno are not lost. After 2013 release “Seventh Seal”, that could have been the requiem of the self-titled label, the Berlin-based master of pitch black techno funk has been busy with remixes and collabs, if to mention brilliant Powell reworks on Diagonal and joint projects with Black Egg or Orphx (=Eschaton). In the […]

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Sunil Sharpe – Cadya (Trensmat Records TR045 – 2014)

It’s a story of two mainstays of Irish electronic music and about a cooperation expected to happen. Sunil Sharpe is foremostly known as the boss of Earwiggle, an imprint for techno’s harder side, and his own infrequent releases have found a home at Works The Long Nights and Black Sun. Trensmat is an exciting label of experimental electronics, which has recently peeked into the realms of techno. Leaving aside the countryman aspect, it may well be that Whirling Hall Of Knives and The 15 Dead Minutes, the groups recently seen on both labels, were the decisive forces to link Sharpe to Trensmat. What came out is largely explained with […]

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D. Carbone – Untitled (Black Sun Records BSR010 – 2014)


After machine-driven rudities on Bas Mooy’s Mord, D. Carbone is at it again with noisy amok tracks, very suitably on the Black Sun Records. The Naples-born co-owner of Repitch and 3TH Records drops four untitled cuts from the areas black as the night. Apart from occasional trancy pads in A1, my pick of the EP, banging drums and evil distortions dominate across the release. A2 is the most caustic of the lot while after the atmospheric intro, the B1 turns swiftly to a stomping session and B2 brings further fresh produce from the punch plant. Carrying some influences from the 1990s techno, BSR010 offers headbanging […]

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Juno Chart 08/2014: Aisha Devi, Surgeon, Anopolis, Perc & Truss, OB Ignitt


A selection of most exciting records from August. Switzerland’s Aisha Devi, replacing her Kate Wax alias with the real name, impresses with hardcore-inclined experimental EP “Hakken Dub/Throat Dub” on own Danse Noire imprint. Seasoned techno pal Surgeon still in strong form, dropping “Fixed Action Pattern“, a two-tracker of infectous grooves and deep drones. Greece is calling when Anopolis collective surfs in the waves of cosmic disco and acid house and for eardrum challenge UK heads Perc & Truss come up with “Two Hundred“. Real Detroit sound can be enjoyed on OB Ignitt‘s new EP and TOP 6 is wrapped up with dark compressor beats by Monica Hits The Ground.

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Kareem – The Sky Is Gone But You Are Still Here (ZHARK 024 – 2014)


The resurgence continues: After some bits of new material in recent years, industrial techno’s iconic figure Kareem unearths his legendary Zhark imprint with a stunning four-tracker to reaffirm his talent in the field of harsh grooves and noisy frictions. Kareem’s tracks have a strong floor appeal and despite of ghastly undertones they stimulate the forward-looking side of the crowd. The title “The Sky Is Gone But You Are Still Here” serves this purpose as a properly whipping and slapping cut transforming to chaotic rumble and relentlessly revolving “Wildpitch, I Think I Loved You” comes like a strangled version of DJ […]

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Valved – AnD / WHOK Remixes (Trensmat Records TR044 – 2014)


Early in 2014, not many might have noticed Valved’s “Blood On The Controls”, a limited-run cassette album on Trensmat’s sub-label Nute. Valved, dedicated to industrial disaster sci-fi techno, has now found a fertile ground for further body and mind manipulations when Trensmat drops a noisy 12-inch of remixes, featuring industrial techno stalwart AnD and the label’s maverick family friend Whirling Hall Of Knives.For a better perspective, the digital bonus tracks serve as a good starting point, both of them representing Valved’s original versions. Offbeat percussive hell in “Tipping Point” and distortion-torn synth bath in “Blood On The Controls” set the tone for […]

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DUST OFF: Huren – Huren’s Kaltbrüchig Acideath (Zhark Recordings 00007 – 1999)


When interviewed by the Tea And Techno blog, Zhark Recordings co-founder Kareem reflected upon the twists and turns of the label, saying the seventh release opened an entirely new direction. After Zhark07 people started shaking their heads, because the EP’s sound did not follow the label’s minimalistic Detroit approach. The culprit for this dramatic move was Canadian Dave Foster who had first garnered attention with the project Teste on Plus 8. Later, as part of the duo Perceptrons, he focused on acid releases before reanimating in 1999 his obscured Huren moniker, dropping “Istropolitana EP” on Qube and debuting on Zhark with notorious “Huren’s Kaltbrüchig Acideath”. […]

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Various ‎– Paris / Berlin: 20 Years Of Underground Techno (Fondation Sonore 03 – 2014)


Release date is in June 2014 “Paris / Berlin” descends to places where the strobe lumens are in stark contrast to surrounding darkness. This is techno underground, researched and explained in recent one-hour documentary “Paris / Berlin” by Amélie Ravalec, a French film maker and scene activist. She runs with Gregorio Sicurezza the label Fondation Sonore, a preservation society of harder sounds, launched with thundering split EP by Kareem and Ancient Methods.The beats of “Paris / Berlin” are now brought out as gatefold double LP. As the soundtrack of a retrospective film, the compilation features mostly previously released tracks from 1999 […]

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