Windom – Tart Tart (Pater Noster PATER002 – 2016)


“Tart Tart” is a remarkable addition to the very young catalogue of Pater Noster, a label from London that emerged with a various artists EP last September. The inaugural release was in my wishlist and even in my hands at the Phonica store, but finally another one was bagged. Whereas the debut was a solid techno collection with provoking artwork and identity that could have created blasphemous connotations, but hopefully not overshadowing the musical side. Pater Noster’s first solo artist Windom comes from Helsinki and across the four tracks he does not feel any mercy when pumping fuel to the floor. First we […]

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DUST OFF: DATA newsletter about records, raves, retailers – Tampere city, 1992


Found among old papers, DATA was a techno/rave newsletter published in Tampere (FI) in 1992. The first page told what’s happening inside the brain of Mr Kirk, a techno DJ and party promoter who listed current top singles and LPs. It also announced “From The Edge Of Nowhere”, a Finnish techno compilation, that was issued under another name in 1993. A number of upcoming raves, including Mayday III, and shops offering ‘smart nutrient products’ were featured too. The second pages continues with shops and lists a number of contacts, including Monojunk [Mono Junk], that time reachable on the phone [90] 754 1209, and Metal […]

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Samuli Kemppi – The Observer Effect (M_Rec Ltd M_RECLTDLP01 – 2014)


No kidding, “Observer Effect” is Samuli Kemppi’s first album and for a producer who emerged in 2002, this step is long overdue. Even if an artist can live without doing albums, because the high metabolic rate of contemporary techno favours short formats for keeping the crowds going with new and new tracks. That’s what Kemppi has done in recent years, putting out a steady stream of EPs on labels like Chronicle, Suicide Circus, Balans, Prologue and also on Deep Space Helsinki, homely imprint set up with Juho Kusti. Together they also run a weekly DSH radio show on Basso Radio, playing fresh promos and some […]

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Samuli Kemppi – Parallax Of One Second EP (M_Rec Ltd M_RECLTD17 – 2013)


Release date is in June 2013 Deep Space Helsinki operative Samuli Kemppi feels inspired. In addition to running DSH imprint with Juho Kusti, Kemppi’s recent release schedule has included EPs on Chronicle, Balans, Komisch and now it’s the turn of Milan’s M-Rec_Ltd to host the space explorer from up North.Watching the oscillations on the control unit screen, Kemppi embarks to multi-faceted techno mission with “Extragalactic” that catches the floor essence with modulating synth lines. Particle shower continues in more atmospheric but still strongly bass-centric “Astrometric Precision” which would be a perfect match to Something In The Sky releases.Heavily slamming “More […]

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Report: Svreca, Samuli Kemppi and Juho Kusti in Nokia Factory


One might say: Techno, oh yes, we know all about that but in fact it’s constantly re-inventing itself. Another proof was given when Svreca, the head of Madrid label Semantica, dropped DJ set at the Deep Space Helsinki (DSH) party along with DSH residents Samuli Kemppi and Juho Kusti.DSH is a label, radio show and event organizer run by purveyors of the techno culture in Finland who summoned the scene to the Nokia Factory at Kallio District in the Finnish capital.High-end sound system and cozy venue with two bars and Heineken costing €5.50 led DSH heads to a vibrating night.When […]

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DUST OFF: Aamukirkko / Morning Church on 15 Nov 1992, Helsinki


A piece of paper that awakes fond memories about a special night. In November 1992, following The Temple rave in Helsinki’s Paasitorni, numerous techno heads gathered in Lepakko (The Bat), a legendary home of youth culture and mad parties, to dance to exhaustion. DJs Ata, Heiko M/S/O and Pascal F.E.O.S. from Frankfurt am Main plus local heroes Jokke, Mr Kirk, H2 and Ender delivered it to the crowd that had just witnessed a massive celebration of rave spirit at The Temple, an event that warrants a special story (some pictures are here). For giving audio context to the flyer from […]

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