DUST OFF: Alden Tyrell – Times Like These: 1999-2006 (Clone CD 7 – 2006)


As DJ and producer, synth-obsessed Alden Tyrell has been a stalwart of the Rotterdam’s Clone community and remains active to the present day, despite of releasing (the first) retrospective already in 2006. By that time, Tyrell had become a renowned artist in the world of neo-italo and electro disco, who was providing energised tracks for curing the eighties homesickness. “Times Like These: 1999-2006” collected several of Tyrell’s previous tracks on Clone and Viewlexx, including synthetic party starters such as “Knockers”, “Disco Lunar Module” or “Love Explosion”. However, the album’s real treat is the mood-boosting “La Voix”, carried by Nancy Fortune’s powerful and sensual vocals and “I Feel Love” bass line. When hearing Fortune’s voice, one […]

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Mono Junk – FP-008 (Forbidden Planet FP008 – 2015)


The comeback story of an analog junkie continues. Everyone familiar with the 1990s techno knows how significant role Kimmo Rapatti and his DUM Records played and not only for the Finnish scene. Luckily we do not need past tense in telling this story because after several quiet years, Rapatti revived his Mono Junk alias and after two releases in 2014 keeps delivering. Along with an EP for Skudge White, Mono Junk returned to the Canadian imprint Forbidden Planet to follow up last year’s EP, doing it in a most enjoyable way. Hedonistic horns of the opener “Prince Of The Night” sound like the classic “Beyond The Darkness” has been propelled to […]

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DJ Overdose – Master Control (Viewlexx V-026 – 2015)

DJ Overdose - (Viewlexx V-026) Master Control (2015) - V026b700

For Viewlexx, a trusted offshoot of I-F’s empire, 2015 marks the 20th year in the business. The journey that once began with “Portrait Of A Dead Girl 1”, continues with DJ Overdose’s “Master Control”, a new EP by the master of robust electro funk. However, the opener deviates from the familiar line, when catchy italo hommage “Timewave Zero” sounds like DJ Overdose hanging out with Bordello A Parigi fellows. After negotiating some curves in the autostrada, “Errorless Computer” is hooked on the 1980ies in slick West Coast boogie for the Hollywood Wives pool party. Heavier blows emerge in darkish “Blacklight” and the title track “Master Control” has the honour to represent the Dutch hallmark […]

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Various – Jerome Derradji Presents The House That Jackmaster Hater Built (Still Music Stillmdcd012 – 2014)


A wealth of 26 tracks in the CD version and half of them selected for two vinyl double packs, Jerome Derradji’s Still Music digs again in the archives of Chicago house to explore the catalog of Kstarke Records. The story goes that the Kstarke owner Kevin Starke aka Jackmaster Hater, adheres to the motto I want them to hate me for putting this out, which is well reflected in the bumpy ride of the compilation. “The House That Jackmaster Hater Built” contains rare material by Ron Hardy, James “Jack Rabbit” Martin, Terrence Woodard, Traxmen and many more, for an entertaining assortment of hedonistic acid house workouts. Given the label’s approach and featured artists, the […]

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Rude 66 – The Kill (Bordello A Parigi ‎BAP016 – 2014)


A sleek hand with colored fingernails holding a shiny sharpened knife: The sleeve promises terror and suspense but well-versed Dutchman Ruud Lekx aka Rude 66 is on a surprisingly convivial trip. The grandmaster of The Hague’s electro acid discovers the fun factor of easy-going synth tracks, out on Bordello A Parigi imprint. The opener “The Kill” is a heavily vocoded electro disco and a glitzy number for jetset satisfaction, followed by slow synth jam “Answers Always Come In Dreams”. The real smash opens the B-side when hi-nrg explosion “Paranoia” sings hallelujah to tax evaders and money launderers on the run, the […]

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Blacknecks – Blacknecks 005 (BLKN 005 – 2014)


After months of speculations about the identity of Blacknecks, the veil of secrecy was lifted at the 21st birthday party of Birmingham’s House Of God where Truss and Bleaching Agent were playing as Blacknecks. For the time being the disclosure does not mean the act has ceased operations as the fifth installment has hit the road with new floor assaults.Staying tuned to the italo channel, the opener “Never Forget” is loaded with a sturdy disco riff, to follow up the smash hit “To The Cosmos, Let’s Go!”. The bass drum stampede “Holzer Mane” bears comparison with 1990s Frankfurt hardcore, like T-Bone Castro’s […]

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Mario Moretti – Spaziotempo (Bordello A Parigi BAP015 – 2014)


With its cheerful simplicity italo could be easily classified as odd phenomenon of the dance music history, expected to resurface only at dance parties for the middle-aged. But italo’s appeal hasn’t really been ever lost and the genre keeps coming back with new productions in 2014 too. A recent example is Mario Moretti’s “Spaziotempo” EP, a teaser for the upcoming album by Lithuanian producer Andrius Kurkinas, released on Dutch imprint Bordello A Parigi.Clad in a picture sleeve appealing both to car-crazy fathers and their sons, the EP’s title track is an euphoric number with catchy rhythm and flying synth riffs, […]

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Blacknecks 004 (Blacknecks BLKN004 – 2014)


Harbingered by jolly good “Theme From Blacknecks” and “Fash” in the previous editions, the spirit of 1980s Italian club titans is even more present in highly energized bomb “All To The Cosmos, Let’s Go!”, the opener of the fourth Blacknecks installment. The track is an amalgamation of bold disco riffs and solid kick drum for an eloquent italo techno belter. Not sounding cheesy, the Blacknecks challenge Alden Tyrell to a friendly fixture and awake bittersweet memories of the ZYX generation. On the flip “Hot Legs” step on the techno floor with stomping bass and a pinch of hi-tech funk. For […]

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Cratedigging: Supertrax, Svante Thuresson, Black Ice, Dragnet et al


Some interesting finds from a box of vinyl stowed between kitchenware and 1990s jumpers in a second hand outlet. Because of limited time for browsing  just grabbed seven items and now I’m pretty happy with the outcome.Really no techno but the first one, “Supertrax Vol. 1” from 1983, features many highlights of the italo/hi-NRG and electro scene. Taking off with Bobby Orlando and his curated projects like One-Two-Three and The Flirts, we proceed to Patrick Cowley, Paul Parker, Man Parrish, Sylvester and others. Including Maurizio Vandelli AKA Key Of Dreams performing “Africa”, a song known from Toto’s catalog. Liner notes tell […]

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Kid Machine – Replicants EP (Viewlexx V​-​023 – 2012)


Well in time for the sun and sea comes “Replicants EP”, hot-blooded italo tribute by Viewlexx’s new signing Kid Machine. In the spirit of Rimini and the label’s cosmic heritage, the composer from the Northwestern part of UK provides six pieces of space romanticism. Harmonically built title track, where the vocal sample sounds like republicans, and sugary “Cold Planet” are the highlights in an array of uncomplicated melodies and rhythms. For not leaving a too sweet aftertaste, “Night Freaks” features some cyborg vocals on thriving synth hooks. Solid fuel for all sci-fi and disco nerds out there. <p><p><p><p>&<span class=”goog-spellcheck-word” style=”background-color: yellow; background-position: initial […]

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