REVIEW: Various – Inversions 001 (INV001 – 2016)


For a moment, the world goes upside down in the first, various artists release from Inversions which is Power Vacuum’s new sublabel. What is expected to be another night out in the company of synthetic beat worshippers turns to a vintage-minded party to trigger enthusiastic exclamations from mature audiences and their sympathisers in music. And good so. Everything seems under the control during the first half of Cavern Of Anti-Matter’s “Bring The Hiss (Version)”. Although it’s not quite the parent label’s standard fare – such as acidic squeeze by EDMX or rowdy electro by Cylob – the track still opens as a retro techno hardware slammer from the 1990s […]

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Various – Grey City (ZCKR 10 – 2015)

ZCKR Records is an independent label from Bremen, a city in Northern Germany and the smallest Bundesland. Historically, Bremen is known for its fairy-tale Town Musicians, four animals who formed a band and scared off a thief with dissonant, shrill improvisations. No need to be afraid of ZCKR, although the label and its artists are keen to explore the wilder side of (electronic) music. After outstanding 12-inches by surrealist sound writer Anom Vitruv and emerging local producer Qnete, ZCKR’s tenth vinyl release gives a snapshot of the local scene, in the first label compilation “Grey City”. Diversity is the tagline throughout 11 tracks that take off with 37 […]

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TIC – Sompa (Trash Can Dance TCD542014 – 2014)


Oil shale is the Estonian gold, excavated in the underground mines in the Eastern part of the country – exactly how it is depicted on the CD cover. A band rooted in death metal, grindcore and punk, the three-member TIC was part of the region’s musical underground in the beginning of the 1990s. Those influences dominated in the group’s debut tape recovered now from the archives by Trash Can Dance label.The album “Sompa”, dedicated to a desolate mining village of the same name, is filled with post-punk aggressions, like the title track “Sompa” and “Mädapea” (“Rotten Head”). Occasional wave and […]

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Kultuuritolm 2013 festival in Tallinn: Stanislav Tolkachev, Ajukaja, Pelle Miljoona, Cleaning Women


Kultuuritolm (Culture Dust), a multi-stage festival will be held on 12 and 13 July in Tallinn with a cross-section of different music styles. Techno faction’s highlight comes in the second day when Ukraine’s Stanislav Tolkachev enters the Mürk stage with live PA. Local DJ support is given by Glitchfxxx, Denis Punch, Artur Sanglepp, Hobune and Deka.The line-up of the event held in a former fortress-prison called Patarei includes also legendary punk rocker Pelle Miljoona and experimental group Cleaning Women from Finland, Iceland’s folk musician Myrra Rós plus many Estonian artists like Ajukaja, Mart Avi & Steve Vanoni, Vaiko Eplik ja Eliit, […]

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Hypnobooster (Hypnobooster CD)


Rating: 7/10 Subconsciously, I have been waiting for Hypnobooster’s debut since seeing his street art in central Tallinn. Nine lines of poetry invited to give to the streets girl names. Gradually the identity of the outdoor visual artists was revealed, with the knowledge that Hypnobooster is preparing his first album. Upfront tracks on some compilations, like “HÕFF“, made anticipation rise. The strophes about girls and street names are now materialized in “Pangem tänavatel’ tüdrukute nimed”, the standout track with metallic rock arrangement and pathetic power vocals by the man himself.  It gets good company from the wall of guitars and […]

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Various – HÕFF (Trash Can Dance TCD102011)


Rating: 9/10 Difficult to imagine that Haapsalu, a town at the Estonian west coast, is a thrilling place. But a medieval castle, where White Lady is appearing at full moon in August, makes the spot suitable setting for HÕFF, annual festival of horror and fantasy films that is held at the end of April.On this occasion, Trash Can Dance has issued a compilation of darker rhythms and voices from the Estonian underground scene. As a small jubilee – 10th release in the TCD catalogue – the sampler provides a good insight into the scene. Spice Mouse opens and closes the […]

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Tropic Of Cancer – Be Brave (Downwards 8)


Rating: 9/10 This is like a garage band performing in front of black-clad indifferent youth. Although ignorance reflects in distorted vocals and droning sounds of the Tropic Of Cancer, this is a release with passion and attitude.This is not a well-polished production as even the voice of Juan Mendez is in unshaven mode when pushing post-punk thing with Camella Lobo. First ten seconds of “Be Brave” made me think about the return of The Cure, but despite of some rock feel the monotone track is an electronics monster with bass support.Gloomy vocals of the original are gone on the B-side. […]

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Out soon: Tropic Of Cancer – The Sorrow Of Two Blooms EP (BLACKEST003)


This graphic does not depict any visuals of this record The other face of John Mendez. Known as Silent Servant (Sandwell District) in the world of techno, Mendez and singer Camella Lobo are digging deep with the experimental project called Tropic Of Cancer. The band will release the third twelve-inch mid-April 2011. Instead of Downwards, a techno-label-turning-experimental, “The Sorrow Of Two Blooms” is published by London outlet Blackest Ever Black that has rapidly gained recognition as a platform for gothic electronics. Tropic of Cancer – A Color Buy vinyl

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Aamen – Diskoveri (Trash Can Dance TCD072011)


Rating: 7/10 “Diskoveri” (“Disco Blood”) is an album one can not easily ignore. Either you like it or not, but it is an intense melting pot of 20-odd styles. You arrive to a hectic party with Count Dracula, Pokemon, Donkey Kong, Hänschen and Gretchen and many other luminaries of the unreal world.Rephlex artist Ovuca came to my mind when listening to Aamen and some tracks could be filed under braindance, but it is quite a mess of influences. Guitar in a lonely American diner (“Pisibehmed aknad”), electric wave pop (“Kal’n’bass”), industrial meeting black metal (“Black Metal and Pink Plastick”), piano […]

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DUST OFF: The Young Gods – The Young Gods (INTOX 011 CD)


Finally in 1987, I discovered that Mireille Mathieu, the lady with famous pot haircut, and Joe Dassin were not the only artists singing in French. And it was a rude awakening when The Young Gods hit the stage with immense charisma of the singer Franz Treichler, assisted by Frank Bagnoud on drums and Cesare Pizzi on sampler. They were not even French but Swiss and that in a proper way, representing country’s three main nationalities. They have been electronic punks of the rock scene with music that is difficult to place on the dancefloor. In fact it was “Did You […]

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