2015 wrap-up: Part Two

The second part of Terminal 313’s musical alphabet, to sum up the year 2015. Many of the entries have been covered in the blog posts and some of the mentions are about my long-time favourites who had a strong year.   Murder Capital. Cult electro label from the Hague, nowadays squatted by Gesloten Cirkel which put out two massive EPs last year.   Never On Sunday. The Burden brothers aka Octave One completed a new album in 2015 and simultaneously turned their eyes to the history. Among a couple of reissues of the 430 West classics, N.O.S.’s “Day By Day” was […]

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2015 wrap-up: Part One

This is Terminal 313’s musical alphabet to sum up the year 2015. Many of the entries have been covered in the blog posts and some of the mentions are about my long-time favourites who had a strong year. PART ONE: FROM A TO L Ancient Methods. The year of industrial techno’s genre-defining artist culminated with the new moniker Room 506 and “Red Embers”, my favourite track of the year.   Bernardi, Marco. Climbing to the consciousness of a wider audience, the UK producer excelled in 2015 with electro roughness on Brokntoys and dancing clowns on Berceuse Heroique.   Clarence G. After recent Drexciya reissues, the […]

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Various – Replicants (Inner Surface Music INNER010 – 2015)


“Replicants”, the first full-length compilation on Inner Surface Music, recalls for some reason the 1990s when techno samplers were a common thing and beside of quantity provided timeless selections of the contemporary sound. There were even special labels, like New Electronica which was licensing material from other outlets, not to speak about much-acclaimed series like “Techno Nations”, “In Order To Dance” and even “Thunderdome”. All of them offered a peek into new and established talent, providing aspiring DJs with classy, and often eclectic selection of new tracks. “Replicants” is a compilation right on target, offering a variety of sounds between classic loop techno and industrial-minded […]

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Room 506 – Drop Out (Room 506 – 2015)


All of a sudden, Room 506 is inaugurated with a landmark release, giving us a new definition of industrial sound rites. Orange marbled vinyl* that has been selling out quickly, will be a dominant release at the year’s end and strong contender in the race for the very best of 2015. Steely kicks and synthetic convulsions of the A-side’s “Drop Out” go overdrive for a metal techno feel, but the real catharsis begins with suggestive female recitals, which are gradually sinking into the mess of vocal effects. On the flip, twelve minutes of “Red Embers” are made of extremely contagious matter, when the bass […]

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Hüpnosaurus – Where Am I? (Wicked Bass WB017 – 2015)


It would be unthinkable to speak about Estonian electronic music without saying a word about Hüpnosaurus (or Hypnosaurus), a project launched by Aivar Tõnso in the beginning of the 1990s and later co-run with Raul Saaremets, nowadays known as Ajukaja. Initially a live act of Tõnso and Railo Pals, Hüpnosaurus became an institution for synthetic sounds in Estonia, throwing impressive live gigs over the years at various locations and performing as a DJ team called Hypnitro Soundsystem. The musical inspiration tracks back to Tõnso’s early age, when he got interested in electronic sounds and sci-fi fantasies, which all led to […]

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LA Synthesis – Agraphobia Relapse (De:tuned ASGDE008 – 2015)


Initially a party organisation from Belgium, De:tuned has become a record label for reanimating the sounds from electronic music’s early days. Either new or unreleased material by artists like Mike Dred, Thomas P. Heckmann, Steve Stoll has seen the daylight on the label that completed the year 2014 with a whopping five-record box set “5 Years De:tuned“. For the first time, the track “Agraphobia” was released in 1994 on Plink Plonk, a pioneering techno label co-founded by Mr. C (of Shamen). It was the breakthrough for LA Synthesis, a two-man project by Tony Gallagher and Carl Grant formed in London in 1992. […]

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I.B.M. – From The Land Of Rape & Honey (The Suppressed Tapes ) 1995 – 2005 (Interdimensional Transmissions IT35 – 2015)


Electronic music’s foremost Afro-futurist keeps up the connection to Interdimensional Transmissions: Ten years after the label debut as I.B.M. (=Insane Black Man), Jamal Moss reappears at the Ann Arbor squad under the same alias. It turns out that Moss had something to hide back in the days, because the double vinyl “From The Land Of Rape And Honey” is collected from a number of lost tapes covering the period from 1995 to 2005, meaning that for some tracks it took about 20 years to get released. Sometimes ‘unreleased’ or ‘forgotten’ stand for leftovers that are expected to give an extra push to […]

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Gesloten Cirkel – Untitled (Murder Capital M-011/M-012 – 2015)


Gesloten Cirkel’s double strike on Murder Capital is a much-awaited move after the artist’s electrifying album “Submit X” last year. Two heavy pieces of ‘untitled’ vinyl, again appearing on the same Viewlexx offshoot, contain six floor-shakers signed by Ratsnake the man. Both twelves reflect the producer’s proper homework in dance music history, which serves as a good basis for the tracks reanimating the fiery side of Chicago’s (post-) acid house. When going by catalogue numbers, M-011 begins with the eleven minute ride “The Real Melbourne House”, which is a red hot 2015 take on “Acid Tracks”. After getting off the blocks with snare drums and claps, sodden […]

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Klanken – Untitled (Deewee DEEWEE002 – 2015)


Out of nowhere comes Klanken – the first artist on the newly founded Belgian label Deewee, which is set up in Ghent by David and Stephen Dewaele, both so far known as 2 Many DJ’s or Soulwax. The first thing to say is that Klanken should not be mixed up with the Dutch artist Klankman, although their sounds have quite a few things in common. The single’s ‘Kant A’ (‘A-side’) gives a clear proof about a new undercover agent joining the Benelux-based operations of robust acid electro, along the likes of Ekman, Shitcluster or Unit Moebius Anonymous. Nerdy yet tense synth lines are topped by eerie moaning and […]

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Donato Dozzy – The Loud Silence (Further Recordings FUR 058LP/CD – 2015)


Yambo, the main character in Umberto Eco’s novel “The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana”, returns to the childhood home for a memory recovery. For getting cured, he is browsing childhood memorabilia – books, magazines, vinyl records, thus delving into the popular culture from the beginning of the 1930s. Leaving aside the memory loss, there are some parallels between the novel and “The Loud Silence”, a new experimental album by the Eco’s fellow countryman Donato Dozzy. After the sessions at his parents’ house in the Italian countryside, Dozzy unleashes the potential of an ultimately hypnotic device, a predecessor of all 303s and 707s – the mouth […]

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