In defense of boring techno


The pile of dance vinyls released annually may not equal the height of a skyscraper, but it’s getting close. Select ‘new releases this week’ at a large online retailer and you will get dozens of hits for techno vinyls only, for all genres it could be well over 200 and then add all these terabytes from the digital side. No wonder it brings along furious fights for attention and public acceptance – the labels and promo agencies drop keywords like ‘mesmerising’, ‘unique’, ‘mysterious’, ‘out-of-the-box’ when praising new releases. However, several, if not the majority of the tracks are duplicates of the music we have already heard, short of […]

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TECHNO TALK: Gaja (Ophism, Repitch)


After Gaja’s recent release on Ophism, Terminal 313 invited the Berlin-based producer to some questions. What came out is an interesting peek into the mind of the talented Italian. Q: You debuted in 2013 on Repitch, with a fiery EP, which was in line with the label’s sound. But still, why did you choose Repitch (or did they choose you)? Gaja: Mr Chimenti introduced me to Pasquale [Ascione] and Davide [Carbone]. We became quickly really close friends and one day, when Davide and Pasquale where at my place, I told to them ‘try to listen this shit that I recorded’. I […]

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DUST OFF: DATA newsletter about records, raves, retailers – Tampere city, 1992


Found among old papers, DATA was a techno/rave newsletter published in Tampere (FI) in 1992. The first page told what’s happening inside the brain of Mr Kirk, a techno DJ and party promoter who listed current top singles and LPs. It also announced “From The Edge Of Nowhere”, a Finnish techno compilation, that was issued under another name in 1993. A number of upcoming raves, including Mayday III, and shops offering ‘smart nutrient products’ were featured too. The second pages continues with shops and lists a number of contacts, including Monojunk [Mono Junk], that time reachable on the phone [90] 754 1209, and Metal […]

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Sven Marquardt – Die Nacht ist Leben (Ullstein extra – 2014)


The gatekeeper orders to have patience of over two hundred pages. So long takes it, from the flashback how Frau Erblich, a classy photo model in her seventies, sadly lost her memory and afterwards never appeared in the photo shoots of Sven Marquardt, to the last chapter titled “How To Get Into Berghain”. Yes, thousands have asked the same question from the friends and taxi drivers, browsed the internet forums and eavesdropped the scene insiders for “How To …?”. When no one else than Berlin’s photo artist Sven Marquardt, known as unpredictable and strict Head Bouncer of Berghain, gives an account of his life so far, the expectations of […]

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Relax: There is life after Loefah / BH 0.5

This week it was Loefah all over the place when the UK dubstepper’s long-lost „Midnight / Woman“ got finally a limited-edition release on Berceuse Heroique (BH). It took the blink of an eye the twelve to evaporate from the stocks of selected retailers – Honest Jon’s and Idle Hands. The public outrage was immense and self-justice against the label was in the air. On top of that, a new dude hiding behind the Discogs username ’tyler00o’ offered that slab of vinyl for a 39-digit pound price. By the way, it is not listed anymore which adds more fuel to conspiracy and […]

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Felix Denk, Sven von Thülen – Der Klang der Familie (Suhrkamp Verlag – 2012)


Man spricht viel über die Rolle Berlins in der Wende und beim Mauerfall. Als Hauptstadt Deutschlands ist es touristisch bestimmt ein interessantes Ziel, aber das ist nicht der Hauptgrund, warum die Spreemetropole auch kulturell eine besondere Stellung einnimmt. Für die progressive Jugend der Welt bedeutet Berlin in erster Linie Tresor oder Berghain – die Stadt, die nimmer schläft, ist ein Inbegriff der hedonistischer Lebensweise rund um Party und Beat. Gesprächsrunde zur Techno-Geschichte Wie es dazu gekommen ist beschreiben Felix Denk und Sven von Thülen mit Hilfe der Szene-Insider im Buch “Der Klang der Familie”. Viele Bestandteile der neuesten deutschen Geschichte […]

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