When interviewed by the Tea And Techno blog, Zhark Recordings co-founder Kareem reflected upon the twists and turns of the label, saying the seventh release opened an entirely new direction. After Zhark07 people started shaking their heads, because the EP’s sound did not follow the label’s minimalistic Detroit approach. The culprit for thisRead More →

Another fine production from the Northern Electronics camp. Heading to the hallways of hypnosis, suburban Stockholm artist Fabian Kempe makes the vinyl debut with “Path 0102.591”. Korridor’s mini-LP is focused on acid-tinged atmospheric excursions reminiscent of the works of fellow countryman Andreas Tilliander (TM404) and the label’s own Ulwhednar.Preferring theRead More →

After months of speculations about the identity of Blacknecks, the veil of secrecy was lifted at the 21st birthday party of Birmingham’s House Of God where Truss and Bleaching Agent were playing as Blacknecks. For the time being the disclosure does not mean the act has ceased operations as theRead More →

High rating alert. Inspired by the analog era when telexes dominated the telecommunications, a group of international comandantes from Europe and USA has gathered under the banner of Marguerita Recordings for a full-fledged electro compilation.The duo called Middle Men gets the party started with rocking 808 in “Another Think Coming”, followed byRead More →

Ekman, in real life Dutch producer Roel Dijcks, returns to London upstart Berceuse Heroique after having done the label’s debut release in 2013. Ekman’s capability to spread dirty beats has been also witnessed on imprints like Solar One Music, Panzerkreuz or Shipwrec and the new single follows suit.The track “Acid7”Read More →