Juju & Jordash are Gal Aner and Jordan Czamanski, two Amsterdam residents who met for the first time in Haifa at end-1990s, have produced their first longplayer that is colorful like a greengrocer’s stand at a Jewish market. The self-titled album kicks off with “Deep Blue Meanies“, an easy-going tune withRead More →

For this occasion Danny Wolfers AKA Legowelt is king of the jungle, under the Nacho Patrol moniker. Dutchman’s fantasy in inventing cool artist names is boundless. More impressive is his ability to control all the music machines and produce tracks that are retro-sounding and contemporary same time. As Nacho PatrolRead More →

Yes, I can on vastus. Järjekordne uus leibel, esimene väljaanne, infoks vaid tempel. “Can You Dig It?” täidab 45se kiirusega esimese poole, kandes endas disco ning easy listeningi hõngu, sisse on sämplitud jänkimaa trubaduuri (Burt Bacharach?) ning meeleolu viib mõtted Dallase ja Dünastia aegadesse.Teise poole “Space Police” on kuidagi vägaRead More →