DUST OFF: Various – Privileged Frames For Reference (V/Vm Test Records 0002) – þ/10

Back off, keep off – this bunch has to be isolated from the society because it’s not music. It’s terror. And it’s error. V/Vm is like 100-watt light bulb that attracts all kinds of weird insects. Purgatorian parasites and bugs gone berserk crash your ear canals and paint their graffitis inside: “V/vm was here“. You get no sleep after listening to this mayhem. Alien Porno Midgets swing the hula hoop on „High Altitude Over Hawaii“ but then Japanese Industrial Agents give with a metal hop a pre-taste of what is coming. Oleg Satichenko’s „Emissions From Reactor Room 17“ is an […]

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Die Blutleuchte – RUS ( Sähkö 018) – 7/10

Anatoli Alexandrovich, whoever he is, made this album in 2002. A musical insight into the more or less glorious days of the Russia’s history, painted with minimal and noise-influenced experimental compositions and spiced with sound fragments like worshipping of Stalin in Finnish-language, Karelian folk song and clinking of swords. “Спутник” is a track for the floor that reminds of Sähkö’s rhythmic and acidic output of the early days. Late Leonid Iliych Brezhnev is the MC in ambientish “Скрытая Война I” while “Скрытая Война II” is a mind-blowing noise avalanche. “Гласность” stands out nicely with guitar riffs. “Курск. Крещеный Ледяной Водой” […]

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