Room 506 – Drop Out (Room 506 – 2015)


All of a sudden, Room 506 is inaugurated with a landmark release, giving us a new definition of industrial sound rites. Orange marbled vinyl* that has been selling out quickly, will be a dominant release at the year’s end and strong contender in the race for the very best of 2015. Steely kicks and synthetic convulsions of the A-side’s “Drop Out” go overdrive for a metal techno feel, but the real catharsis begins with suggestive female recitals, which are gradually sinking into the mess of vocal effects. On the flip, twelve minutes of “Red Embers” are made of extremely contagious matter, when the bass […]

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Hot Guts – Wilds (Avant! Records AV!032 – 2014)

It was the debut EP of Phase Fatale that made me aware of the Italian outlet Avant! Records and now its time to turn the eyes to another production of the US origin. After picking the opening track “All Suns” for my recent “Promos & Classics” mix, a listen to the entire album of the Philadelphia based post-industrial group Hot Guts looked as a good idea. Except for synth interlude “Gold Silent”, the album is about real electronic songs, performed by Wes Russell with backing vocals of Shari Wallin who does also synth and drum machines. They clearly cherish the past and feel inspired by earlier […]

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Ancient Methods – Secret Thirteen Mix 058 ( – 2013)


Ancient Methods is now a one-man operation of the Berlin producer Trias who designed a mix for the Secret Thirteen webzine. The selection largely deviates from Ancient Methods’s annihilating techno war funk and presents the introspective side of the artist’s mind archives, for example featuring contemporary classical guru Arvo Pärt or esoteric industrial by Deutsch Nepal. The harder side is introduced with harsh beats by the Cold Meat Industry artist Institut, followed by DAF, Dead Can Dance and a number of obscurities for an ear-opening journey through the last decades of experimental and electronic music. Good reason to pay a […]

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White Blush – White Blush EP (self-released – 2012)


Clearly filed under synth-pop, White Blush release smells like Commodore and 808. Originally from Chicago and now hailing from Los Angeles, Carol Rhyu, is obviously fond of vintage gear and neon sounds when she, the mind and soul behind the White Blush, presents a definition of urban daydreaming on the self-titled debut EP.The six-tracker could not have any better start than “True Luv”. Kicking off with a Plastic Noise Experience bassline, the tune essentially rides on sultry synth waves topped with Carol’s misty vocals. The same scheme prevails, along with agile arpeggios, in “Mirror” while pop meets Gothic melancholy in “Jolene”, […]

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Tropic Of Cancer – Secret Thirteen Mix 042 (2012)


There are thorns in the beds of roses knows Camella Lobo when presents a new mix for the Lithuanian webzine Secret Thirteen. Known as the musical partner of Juan Mendez in Tropic Of Cancer, Lobo expresses her fondness for the industrial and wave scene across the years. The tracklist features  a number of darkside fiends like Silent Servant, Raime, Rene Hell, Collin Gorman Weiland, Chris & Cosey, Demdike Stare, and, of course, Tropic Of Cancer.

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DUST OFF: Carlos Perón – Impersonator II (Play It Again Sam 116 LP – 1988)


This record is just screaming out loud: welcome to Bela Lugosi disco. The horror screen hero himself makes a posthumous appearance in “Galadiner With Boris The Vampyr”, in a track from the extreme end of the album, which is full of filthy EBM and industrial with mashed voices and vocals. Lugosi is not the only celebrity here when the voice of Dieter Meier (Yello) appears in another macabre piece titled “Happy New Year”, also written by him. Meier’s input is not surprising because Carlos Perón, the mastermind behind the album, was part of Yello in its Jurassic phase and left the […]

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Raime – The Three Chambers Of Our Entities / Living In The Gaps We Cannot Jump (BLACKESTSE001)


Rating: 9/10 It happened on 6 July 2011 when the edition of 50 copies was sold in a couple of hours, after tweeted by Blackest Ever Black. Carefully handcrafted good-smelling cardboard package was shipped to several countries of the world, hopefully not to be confiscated by customs. The surround DVDr contains a 15-minute utterly claustrophobic composition where the main hero struggles to find a way out of the maze. After many minutes of dark ambient hiss, Raime leads out with its trademark distilled percussion. The video fits well to the music – the screen is in pitch-black mode. The CDr […]

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Various – HÕFF (Trash Can Dance TCD102011)


Rating: 9/10 Difficult to imagine that Haapsalu, a town at the Estonian west coast, is a thrilling place. But a medieval castle, where White Lady is appearing at full moon in August, makes the spot suitable setting for HÕFF, annual festival of horror and fantasy films that is held at the end of April.On this occasion, Trash Can Dance has issued a compilation of darker rhythms and voices from the Estonian underground scene. As a small jubilee – 10th release in the TCD catalogue – the sampler provides a good insight into the scene. Spice Mouse opens and closes the […]

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Tropic Of Cancer – Be Brave (Downwards 8)


Rating: 9/10 This is like a garage band performing in front of black-clad indifferent youth. Although ignorance reflects in distorted vocals and droning sounds of the Tropic Of Cancer, this is a release with passion and attitude.This is not a well-polished production as even the voice of Juan Mendez is in unshaven mode when pushing post-punk thing with Camella Lobo. First ten seconds of “Be Brave” made me think about the return of The Cure, but despite of some rock feel the monotone track is an electronics monster with bass support.Gloomy vocals of the original are gone on the B-side. […]

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Out soon: Tropic Of Cancer – The Sorrow Of Two Blooms EP (BLACKEST003)


This graphic does not depict any visuals of this record The other face of John Mendez. Known as Silent Servant (Sandwell District) in the world of techno, Mendez and singer Camella Lobo are digging deep with the experimental project called Tropic Of Cancer. The band will release the third twelve-inch mid-April 2011. Instead of Downwards, a techno-label-turning-experimental, “The Sorrow Of Two Blooms” is published by London outlet Blackest Ever Black that has rapidly gained recognition as a platform for gothic electronics. Tropic of Cancer – A Color Buy vinyl

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