Mattia Trani – The Hi-Tech Mission (PushMaster Discs PM015 – 2016)

PM015 Artwork 1 Front

Mattia Trani could be someone who decorated his teenage room with Transmat and Underground Resistance memorabilia and even if it was not true, his recent affiliation with Detroit-bred artists is remarkable. Several Motor City legends, such as Juan Atkins, DJ Stingray, Claude Young, Orlando Voorn, have provided remix assistance to the talented Italian, in the EPs like “313 Times”, “Over The Future”, etc. and in 2014, Trani was the first Italian DJ to make a podcast for UR. In the debut album, Trani is clearly under the strong influence of innovators, expressing his admiration with strong Detroit symbols both in […]

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KUUM suvi 1995: Siim Nestor Liivimaa elektroonikast – Neuron Phase, Lu:k, Drone jt


[This post in Estonian only, about the mid-1990s electronic music scene in Estonia as featured in KUUM magazine in the summer of 1995.] Becki miniposter ja Mr Lawrence’i või Vennaskonna feature oli väärt lugemine, kuid ajakirja KUUM 1995. aasta suvenumbrist jäi kõigepealt silma Siim Nestori ülevaade Liivimaa elektroonikast. Jutuks Neuron Phase, Lu:k, Drone ja teised tegelased Põltsamaast lõuna poole, aga ka Eesti elektroonika skene tervikuna.KUUM oli Pirita linnaosas Erik Morna juhtimisel ilmunud ajakiri, mis interneti-eelsel ajastul oli asendamatu infoallikas kohaliku ja piiritaguse moodsa muusika kajastamisel ning andis välja ka mõned kohalike artistide kassetid.

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Demdike Stare – Testpressing#001 (Modern Love Love085 – 2013)


New full moon sessions by Demdike Stare, the act consisting of Miles Whitaker (check also his debut LP on Modern Love) and Sean Canty, whose extraordinary courage for wicked sound explorations have attributed to them a cult status. The duo’s two-tracker inaugurates a new series on Modern Love’s labeled as Testpressing, which kicks off with two sides full of insane electronics.In “Collision” after an apocalyptic intro seismic bass seizes the power and throws us back to the heyday of drum’n’bass, in a heavy and noisy interpretation. On the flip “Misappropriation” is a clear winner with a captivating slow-motion percussive revelry […]

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ASC – Phobos/Oort Cloud/Matter Of Time (Nonplus Records #006) – 5/10


A promo of ASC’s new album. The opener, “Phobos”, is the best one here – a compressed mosaic of  bass and dub that bears some concealed aggression. A mystic male voice promises something’s gonna happen, assisted by an exotic yell and the sound machine marches along like in former Mille Plateaux-style electro hop and bass experiments. A tight package.“Oort Cloud” is a floating interlude from the rain forests of the electronica, a bit too short. On the flip, “Matter of Time” spoils the game as it would fit into the soundtrack of “The Beach 2” with L. Di Caprio. Electric-shock-sounding […]

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