Nikolajev – Nikolajev (Collect Call CC 003 – 2016)


Nikolajev, Robert. Despite of young age, he has become a reputed DJ in the Estonian underground and co-runs Lekker, a vivacious nightspot in Tallinn. A special mention deserves the fact that he has been part of the techno act Neue Einsicht that warmed up Ancient Methods at Kõue Heli Festival in 2013. After listening to Nikolajev’s debut on the Canadian imprint Collect Call, I’m not wondering why it became a Soundcloud success with about 12,000 plays, because not many new artists in 2016 can match Nikolajev’s premiere – and I’m not saying it because of being an Estonian. The A-side contains two robust, bass-heavy cuts, […]

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Sanys – Dominance (Downfall Theory DF06 – 2014)


Sanys, a producer from St Petersburg (Russia), uses own outlet Downfall Theory for floor action and has reached his and the label’s sixth EP. Mid-paced title track “Dominance” does many things right with hints of Ferox funk, low-pitched vocal sample and clattering drums but it’s dwarfed by following cuts. A special treat is 303-corroded “My Concern”, which possesses real brain scanner qualities and flirts bravely with trancy elements, while techno freighter “Told You So” is directly heading to Tresor. For the end, the old school calls when Eomac, armed with junglist breaks, devises a downtempo abstract of “Dominance”. Boredom not […]

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