MOVIE & SOUND: Test pilota Pirxa / Navigaator Pirx (1979)

Oddly enough, the Eastern bloc regimes that practised bogus communism, tolerated sci-fi themes in arts and literature, despite of treating suspiciously anything what seemed even a little bit ambiguous. In the times when artists had to live with constant unease of having their works censored, may it be for wrong colours used in a painting or for the word use in poetry, the sci-fi could have been an especially risky business. Maybe the abstractions related to unknown territories and times were regarded as harmful enough for not threatening the existence of the rulers. I believe there are scholars familiar with […]

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Ancient Methods – Secret Thirteen Mix 058 ( – 2013)


Ancient Methods is now a one-man operation of the Berlin producer Trias who designed a mix for the Secret Thirteen webzine. The selection largely deviates from Ancient Methods’s annihilating techno war funk and presents the introspective side of the artist’s mind archives, for example featuring contemporary classical guru Arvo Pärt or esoteric industrial by Deutsch Nepal. The harder side is introduced with harsh beats by the Cold Meat Industry artist Institut, followed by DAF, Dead Can Dance and a number of obscurities for an ear-opening journey through the last decades of experimental and electronic music. Good reason to pay a […]

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Leo Abrahams + Oliver Coates – Crystals Are Always Forming (Slip Discs SLP002 – 2012)


A new noise and experimental project on the Manchester label Slip Discs. “Crystals Are Always Forming” is the debut of Leo Abrahams and Oliver Coates who have ventured on the cohabitation of cello and electronics. Eleven compositions totaling about 33 minutes witness a range of slow and stretched drones hovering between electronic noise and mistuned acoustic instrumentation.Numbered in Roman format from “I” to “XI”, mostly three-minute cuts address the public fond of static sound experiments with the suspense seething beneath.Experimental is a tight market and largely saturated, meaning that extracting the last from the soft/hardware does not necessarily guarantee success. Abrahams […]

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Decimus – #11 (Digitalis Recordings DIGIV041 – 2012)


Now there is an opportunity to perceive the processes inside the brain of Decimus [Junius Brutus Albinus], the assassin of Julius Caesar, with about forty-five minutes of chaotic and depressed sound experiments. A-side is introduced by double bass and classical notes before subtle H-bomb percussion and frightening moaning enters the stage. Despite of presence of some harmonic riffs it’s mostly about a subdued drone storm. B-side opens with waves of distortion, accompanied by melodic strings and processed voices before proceeding to far-out sound protuberances. “#11” is like from the minds of a burned-out philharmonic orchestra seeking wilder side of life […]

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Jean Piché – Heliograms (Digitalis DIGIV040 – 2012)


For listening “Heliograms” living room is the minimum requirement because the album aims to the spheres well above the clouds, even higher than the normal cruise altitude. Crystal clear skies would be a perfect setting for a sacral experience with the music of Jean Piché. Especially the first composition, “Ange”, is a lucid minimalistic drone for believers, under protective wings of holographic angels. For visual support just imagine medieval paintings with biblical motives. “La mer à l’aube” continues with vibrations of computer music, in a more complex composition with ebbs and tides of synth waves and touches of musique concrète. […]

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Thomas Fehlmann – Live With Strings And Percussions (Kompakt 224 LTD)


Rating: 8/10 Fehlmann’s every new release is significant. After world-changing days in The Orb, and before that in Palais Schaumburg, one can expect the gentleman would spend quiet days in the Caribbean, after a man’s work in the world or music. But Fehlmann is still around and returns to Kompakt with a live recording.Yes, it’s live and you can hear crowd noise in the background. Two-track single is dedicated to beautiful electronic music with strong acoustic elements. Strings, horns and subtle percussion follow to the beatless ambient intro in “Titan One”. Violins and repetitive patterns add some intensity to the […]

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