Raoul K, hailing from Côte d’Ivoire and Hamburg, presents a new gem of his (sub-)label. While Baobab’s first, “Le Cercle Peul” from 2008, was a smooth and unpretentious tribal house then especially the A-side of current outing is a fierce voodoo. More industrial than house, reminding of Jamal Moss’s rougherRead More →

The snowbanks outside provide inspiration to compare this release with an avalanche. It’s as powerful and overwhelming but, unlike the unharnessed power of the nature, this experience is taking you over in slower motion – till you find yourself buried under it.The first, title track, has mechanic beats as wellRead More →

Chicago v. 2.0 – this label of Poindexter and Moss carries proudly the flame that was lit in the 80’s in Windy City, and they excel both in yield and quality. Current compilation has again picked up various musical influences and starts with Sir KaTie and “Shout” that speaks toRead More →

MCDE on nagu peibutusalias, et Motor City saundi fännid märkaksid artisti mp3- või plaadikuhilas. Kraam on aga aus, liikudes malbe, kuid samas hüpnootilise deep house‘i radadel. “Sun Sequence’i” loop ketrab hoolega ning hoiab tempot. “Feel The Love” on lausa müstiliselt mõnus oma manipuleeritud vokaalsämplite ja diskreetsete rütmipassaažidega. Pealtnäha vaoshoitud tempos,Read More →

Psycho Thrill shows signs of life. A Cologne label that has been in business for a decade and attracted several great players from Detroit, for example Thomas Barnett and Optic Nerve. A new signing is Manager 111, or German Andreas Gehm, who has produced a remarkable record to remember from 2008.Read More →