DUST OFF: The best of 2005


The pressure is mounting for the end-of-the-year lists. It’s not an easy task when every week brings dozens of releases tagged as ‘unmissable’, ‘lethal’, ‘timeless’, and many of them are that, working well either in clubs or at home. The question is, which tracks are real survivors that will be applauded several years later. Judgement about the music’s lasting effect requires distance in time and space. This is why I selected fifteen survivors from my own collection to uncork well-matured 2005 produce, from the year that stood for the epidemic spread of minimal and emergence of grime/dubstep. But there was a lot more and as you […]

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Hauntologists – Hauntologists (HAUNTOLOGISTS 1LP – 2015)

Despite of rare appearances on the self-titled label, the Hauntologists are a household name in the electronic scene. Two talented producers, Jay Ahern (aka Add Noise, Aquarhythms) and Stefan Schneider (in Kreidler, To Rococo Rot), started the project in 2008 and since then they have completed five EPs, two of them on Ahern’s own label Modular Cowboy. The duo’s new signs of life are coming with the debut (mini) album, according to the artists rooted in African music and conveying vehement spirit of the continent’s native drums. However, the result of the studio rituals can be described as ‘intelligent electronics’ with a […]

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Modern Heads – Chapter II (Outis Music outis006 – 2014)


Once emerging as protagonists of Rome’s new techno sound, former Elettronica Romana producers Dino Sabatini and Luca Meloni are reunited under the Modern Heads banner on Sabatini’s Outis Music.Without any hassle, slightly melancholic “The Beginning” passes the checkpoint from bleepy ambient to tranced-out dub. With background hiss and reverbs, it’s an example of usual Outis Sound where the repetition comes close the immobility.However it will be not a quiet day in the woods, when the B-side’s “Unknown Route” embarks on a chase on winding roads. Dramatic synth sequence over syncopated drums predict a fair amount of playtime for the track, […]

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Damaskin – Kaona EP (Concrete Records cltd003 – 2014)


Sturdy industrial exploits of “Unseen Warfare”, Damaskin’s debut on Unknown Percept, created an impression of having another doom techno producer on board. However, Damaskin’s new EP for Rome-based Concrete Records is of different breed is. On the label’s third vinyl release after Joe & Ubit and Voices From The Lake, the producer Ninoslav Ostojic plays safe with atmospheric acid-minded tunes. Hi-hats, 303 and background hum are for bulk trade nowadays and “Kaona” dissolves among similar efforts. Things turn better in “Kaona II”, at first instance based on irritating crunchy loop, which manages to adapt more complex textures during the course of the track. […]

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Hunab & Jorge Bule – Environments (Apparent Horizon AH002 – 2013)


Actually the new 12-inch of the Berlin-based Apparent Horizon label can be tagged as dub techno. Unfortunately the genre has been watered down by numerous Basic Channel copycats but it does not affect this EP’s prospects of taking it seriously when “Environments” carries certain charm across three tracks.After the debuting “Hera EP” it’s again a split release by Jose Gvc aka Hunab and Jorge Bule, starting with Hunab’s upholstered percussion accompanied by soluble pads for a no-fuss experience. Bule’s side comes stronger: After commonplace dubbed-out chords in “Gorgeus”, the kick-start of a throbbing and shuffling sequence changes the game when […]

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Various – Replay (10 Label TEN002EP – 2013)


10 Label’s “Mu EP” was a memorable release because of intriguing lineup and a seagull portrait on the black-and-white cover. After a two-year hibernation the Japanese imprint has now summoned a group of international artists to the second mini compilation titled “Replay”, once again sporting a tasteful sleeve design.The EP’s straightest and most throbbing cut is “Overbite”, an anesthesia-free treatment by the screeching machines guided by London trooper Perc and expectedly close to Perc Trax’s industrial can(n)ons. Of different kind is “Subject Of The Stenographic Figure”, a calm and crackling Gothic indietronica by the Blackest Ever Black artist Dalhous.A surprising appearance by the big […]

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Population One – The Return (Chronicle EVENT0001 – 2012)


Thrilling anticipation every time when Terrence Dixon announces new releases, which are rarely disappointing by the artist I’m keenly following. While not seeking broad publicity, Dixon is among Detroit producers of trust and has got talent to provide techno masterpieces. Introducing Chronicle, a new sub-unit of the US label Thema, Dixon has dropped again an exceptional release, this time under the Population One moniker. Right from the start he follows the standards set in Population One’s groundbreaking 1995 release “Minimalism” on Utensil. Built on hollow bass drum, hiss and crackles, “Transition” is destined for drifting in Jupiter’s magnetosphere and sending […]

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Various – In The Dark: The Soul Of Detroit (Still Music STILLMDLP005 – 2012)


Release date of this reissue is Spring 2012 In 2005 a number of shakers and movers of the Detroit deep house scene were united in a compilation called “In The Dark (The Soul Of Detroit)”. Centered around Rick Wilhite and Marcellus Pittman, the release became a highlight of the season and fell to the “hard-to-find” category soon.Only seven years later Still Music decided to drop a reissue both on vinyl and CD. A good reason to pick the album from the shelf, to revisit exquisite cuts like Pittman’s nine minutes of full-bodied drizzling jazz “A Walk Thru Osaka” or “Cosmic […]

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Various – Trash Fantasy’s Storm (Ojo De Apolo – (ojo.07)_2012)


For a long time Chile has not been an uncharted territory in electronic music, if we just think of Cristian Vogel, Dinky, Matias Aguayo and others, most of them having found a creative home outside the native country.But it’s not quiet in Santiago de Chile either: Ojo de Opolo is a local label specialised on deep and minimal house. After mid-2000’s, when the definition “minimal” almost became a pejorative, this particular might seem very outdated, but current EP tries to prove the opposite.The release is opened by Jorge Cortés AKA Jorge C. with a long and easy-going minimal house cut […]

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Morphosis – The TEPCO Report (Morphine Records DOSER 011 – 2012)


There might be many artists being inspired by devastating atomic spill at Fukushima. First I can think of Biosphere and “N-Plants”, a recording project about Japanese nuclear power stations, which in fact started before the disaster and was completed after the nuclear fallout had settled. Now Lebanese native and Italian resident Rabih Beaini AKA Morphosis has a new single out called “TEPCO Report”, making a clear reference to the gloomy events a year ago. For his own label Morphosis has managed to produce two perfect cuts that sonically describe the drama happened and in the same commemorate people and places […]

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