DUST OFF: Fred Giannelli – 1st Premonition (Superstition 2068 – 1996)


By 12th August of 1996, when Superstition Records issued “1st Premonition”, Fred Giannelli didn’t need any introduction anymore. After touring with the proto-industrial group Psychic TV in the 1980s, Giannelli moved on to electronic dance sector and adapted a number of monikers, such as The Kooky (or Cranky) Scientist, Mazdaratti and released with Richie Hawtin as Spawn, becoming a core artist of the pioneering Plus 8 imprint. Giannelli’s own Telepathic Recordings launched in Boston in 1992 and folded in 2001 with The Kinky Scientist single “Mid-Life Crisis” (perhaps it was a true story?). One of Giannelli’s albums, “Telepathic Romance”, appeared on the Finnish minimalism […]

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Peacefrog turns 25, plans re-pressing early vinyl


The 25th anniversary of Peacefrog will not be a quiet one, when the seminal UK label admitted it plans to ‘re-press some early catalogue and favourites’. In 2011, the 20-year celebrations were marked with a couple limited edition and coloured vinyl represses of some sought-after tunes, such as both the original and remix versions of DBX’s “Losing Control”. Peacefrog has not yet disclosed any precise plans, what releases it has in mind, but suggestions from the social media have started streaming in. @terminal313 We’re in the process of re-pressing some early catalogue and favourites. Watch our socials for announcements — Peacefrog (@PeacefrogMusic) […]

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FBK – Screaming Her Name (Barba Records ‎BAR006 – 2016)


In a short time, Croatian label Barba has attracted several notable artists, such as DJ Stingray 313, Marco Bernardi, Gosub, Heinrich Dressel, etc. The label’s sixth release, a heavy piece of wax in a beautiful yet surreal-looking sleeve, comes from Kevin Kennedy aka FBK. A name we haven’t noticed much recently, Kennedy is a producer from Columbus, Ohio who actually debuted already in 1997 with “Knobs & Switches” on Shake’s legendary label Friction. About 20 years later, FBK prefers smoothly rolling club tracks across three original compositions on the A-side. The title cut is fast-lane Detroit techno with a buzzing synth line, hi-hats and raindrop effects while dub-cushioned “Just To […]

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SHLTR – Konstrukt 001 (Konstrukt KON001 – 2015)

The debut release of the Dutch label Konstrukt arrived rather quietly, but SHLTR’s EP has the potential for a strong presence in the DJ charts. Because what we hear is a beautiful label start with ample soundscapes from techno’s sensible side. The magic of “Konstrukt 001” lies in sweet timbres that make to believe in the kindness of human race, without running the risk of looking pathetic. The aptly titled opener “When Protection Surrounds” is the cream of the crop, built on endless pads that have something in common with Parazide’s “Makin’ Love” or, of recent examples, Eduardo De La Calle’s delicate sounds. On the B-side, […]

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Jonas Kopp – Beyond The Hypnosis (Tresor TRESOR273LP – 2014)

Let us start with the obvious: Techno history is unthinkable without Tresor, the club and the label, and both are more than two decades after the inception still up and running. Sometimes the label looks like a heritage preservation society, if to think about Drexciya and Transllusion reruns that always generate worldwide acclaim. However, Tresor has not neglected the label’s initial task to try the pulse of techno community and after adding this year Marcelus and Zenker Brothers to the roster, now Jonas Kopp has dropped his debut album and accompanying EP on the Berlin label. Producing and DJing since he was 19 years old, Kopp could be […]

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Various – V/A EP (Newrhythmic LTD NR013 – 2013)


Spain’s Newrhythmic Records presents a quadruple mission with joint forces from Helsinki, Berlin, Kyiv, and León, the label’s home city. Coming from the soul of a sci-fi romancer, Samuli Kemppi’s bold mechanical workout “Plasma Disco” hits the spot here while sizzling “Rota” by long-time Tresor resident Pacou is served with tech house elements. Ukrainian duo Woo York and label boss José Ángel Palacios Robles aka Joton launch the “Rocket” that flies in a straight and steady trajectory before Joton’s solo effort is “In The Mood” for an easy-going floor fare. <a href=”http://newrhythmic-records.bandcamp.com/album/plasma-disco”>Plasma Disco by SAMULI KEMPPI PACOU WOO YORK . . .</a> […]

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1DERL& – Intertwined EP (Processed PRCSD005 – 2013)


Estonian producer Margus Löve aka 1DERL&, to be pronounced Wonderland, was formerly known as dubstepper L-OW but switched to house and techno with the album called “Reflection”, out in 2012. With “Intertwined EP” his Processed imprint drops the first wax release with four remixes of the album material.The LP spanned from generic tech house to dub techno and “Intertwined EP” offers a mixed bag of sounds too. Whereas the pounding B-side is obvious winner, launched with Mattias Fridell’s giant bass and dubbed out chords in “Section Zero”. Techno crowd is even more satisfied when “Vaporized” is handled by Ness, operating with edgy synth […]

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Nick Simoncino – The Other Side (Finale Sessions FS011 – 2012)


Release date is in October 2012 “OTP Party Breaks #4”, a pretty decent job in the footsteps of the eighties disco-house, was in 2010 an incidental purchase and my first meeting with Nick Simoncino’s music. Thereafter the Italian DJ and producer has put out a steady flow of releases, including on Mathematics and L.I.E.S., and increasingly shown affection for the canons of Chicago and Detroit.He is also commuting between those two cities in “The Other Side”, a three-track EP out soon on Finale Sessions. With the title track “Symphony Of Brotherhood” he has programmed an ample tech house groover and the […]

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Matti Turunen – Elokuu EP (Muhk Music MK001 – 2012)


Release date is in November 2012 Matti Turunen, one half of the electro duo Morphology, celebrates the launch of Muhk Music with a three-tracker which adds another contender to the ongoing challenge about Detroit’s outposts in Europe. Surely, the North can do it too, Turunen from Finland says with his new EP for the label run from Sweden. The man from Järvenpää uses hardware to record in one take, lending a genuine feel to the music. The title track “Elokuu”, which means August, is like about remnants of the summer, but even when leaves start falling from the trees these warm […]

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John Tejada – The Predicting Machine (Kompakt 267 – 2012)


In the last decade John Tejada’s productivity was something to match, making it pretty difficult to keep track of his numerous publications. Compared to the previous he moves at a considerably slower pace, with not so tense schedule and has found a new home label with Kompakt, where he released LP “Parabolas” last year.For “The Predicting Machine” the question was if it is not too predictable? Because of Kompakt’s recent shift to pop-electronica, I had the fear of being encountered with a compromise product. The tonality of the LP is rather smooth but all other worries are largely unfounded. Emotionally […]

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