Terminal 313 Mix: Winter Gymnastics (December 2014)

Tracklist: Social Interiors – Lucas Heights (Extreme) Man In Maardu – Euromant (Trash Can Dance) Ilpo Numminen – Osa 1 (Vuosi) Aïsha Devi – Throat Dub (Tool) (Danse Noire) Septic Shock – Adult Vainio / Väisänen / Vega – Sick Sick USA (Blast First) Nukubus – Skylark (Louis Guilliaume’s New Tomorrow Mix) (Vonk) Shitcluster – Beyond A Joke/A2 (Bunker) Ancient Methods – First Method/B1 (Ancient Methods) Kareem – Just When You Thought It Was Over (Perc Trax) The Devil & The Universe – Calling Of The Shades (aufnahme + wiedergabe) Headless Horseman – Legend (Headless Horseman) Qoso – Laphroaig (In […]

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Dino Sabatini & Edit Select – Mnenosyne (Outis Music Outis005 – 2014)


Release date is in May 2014 Glaswegian artist Anthony Scott MacKinnon, known in the scene as Edit Select, is Dino Sabatini’s new production associate for Outis Music and for the Italian’s collaboration series dedicated to Greek mythology. In the heels of “Journey Back To Ithaca”, excellent dark-tainted functional electronics with Donato Dozzy, three-track “Mnemosyne” will be a regular in many DJ booths. Whereas hacked tribesman rhythm of “Terpsichore” reminds strongly of the previous Outis release while “Euterpe” gets a powerful 4/4 boost, appealing to the floors under domination of hyperactive smoke machines. After astronomical first tones, the B-side’s “Urania” continues with the […]

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Abdulla Rashim – Aksum (Abdulla Rashim Records ARR006 – 2013)


Since the launch of the self-titled imprint, floor-conscious Abdulla Rashim has undergone steady artistic evolution. Firstly jumping on the droning techno bandwagon, Rashim quickly detached his sound from trendy tropes. Now the label’s sixth and most fulfilled release is once again inspired by the skies above Ethiopia and the country’s ancient Aksum kingdom and with a total playtime of 30 minutes it might be called Rashim’s first album. In many parts it’s more stripped down than previous EPs but still accentuates Rashim’s fascination for repetitive tribal textures.Introduced with speedy staccato reminding of Nico’s “The Wire”, the Nubian-rooted bonfire ritual begins […]

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Yuuki Sakai – Yaghan EP (Subsist Records sub-d19 – 2013)


“Yaghan EP” by the Japanese producer Yuuki Sakai is another solid release on the Spanish imprint Subsist, which belongs to the top-end of digital-only techno labels.For the start not much rush can be perceived in “Natalie” where ripples of new-age percussion are entwined with hammering passages. In “Yaghan” the bass impact adds robustness to tribal notes and “Pilsner” is nothing for jolly daydreamers as it comes dark and haunting with eerie drums and steelwork noise in the background. The gloom continues in “Villeta” before the torture room is entered with banging “Fabl ‘O’”.Sakai’s tracks land between Diskant’s fired-up subequatorial drumming […]

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Don’t DJ – rɪð.əm (Diskant DISK06 – 2013)


Diskant has been a highly satisfying label for anybody fond of drum-obsessed rhythms, when we only recall vigorous output by The Durian Brothers and Harmonious Thelonious. Don’t DJ remains faithful to the label’s values with a new five-tracker called “rɪð.əm”, which is a phonetic disguise of “Rhythm”. The act is composed of one-fourth of Institut Für Feinmotorik and one-third of The Durian Bothers, which actually means there is one man behind the Don’t DJ project, Florian Meyer. The vinyl-only EP with 500 copies pressed starts with intense drumming subject to sudden tempo changes in “Drob” while A2 track “looppool” emerges like […]

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Abdulla Rashim – Alem Maya EP (Abdulla Rashim Records ARR005 – 2013)


Next up on Abdulla Rashim’s imprint is another Ethiopian-themed release carrying the title “Alem Maya”. Across three tracks Rashim lifts off from the sea level, starting with A-side’s reverberated hiss and repetitive indigenous rhythm that sounds like a joint jam with The Durian Brothers.On the B-side Rashim reverts to earlier trippy productions with zigzagging drums, as “Alem Maya 2” is a functional floor monster. Cosmic dust and tribal textures are thrown over the repetitive final track. Buy vinyl from CloneBuy vinyl from Juno

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Mr Raoul K – Mande (Still Music STILLMDLP007 – 2012)


Release date is in October 2012 A world citizen has returned to the home and reached an essential station in his musical career when after an inspiring trip to Mr Raoul K’s native Côte d’Ivoire his new album “Mande” is published on Chicago’s fine label Still Music.Already with the first releases on his own Baobab imprint Mr Raoul K showed increasingly more qualities than just being “mysterious” and “exotic” Lübeck-based producer of African origin. Despite of pursuing a moderate release schedule he quickly became a preferred deep house producer in Germany, his Wahlheimat since 1992.Now Raoul Konan N’dah Kouassi has completed his recent […]

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Esoteric – Scarlet Enterprise (Curley Music 08 – 2011)


When the gang of Spiral Tribe ravers swept over the Europe about twenty years ago, Dutch-born youngster Curley Schoop aka Esoteric was one of their associates. His untimely death in 1998 abruptly stopped the career having started already in 1991 when Schoop was a member of a Djax Records signing called D.I.C.E. To commemorate Schoop and familiarize younger generation with his output, French label Expressillon launched Curley Music for reissuing Schoop’s works. On the “Scarlet Enterprise”, released under the Esoteric guise, especially the A-side is a real gem with rudeboy breakbeats and blatant kick drum. Like a blend of early hardcore and The […]

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DUST OFF: Olga+Jozef #07 (OJ-07 – 2000)


Olga and Jozef were not wedding musicians from the Carpathian Mountains, but a proper techno label from Bratislava. Slovak scene, with artists like Rumenige or Kre, teased the floors with banging tracks and made a contribution, when at the millennium switch the axis of European techno moved to the East – if we also recall Umek and other Slovenians.This is a strong release, which on the A-side offers tribal-fueled dense loops and on the B1 a real feast of repetitive beats, before a chillier conclusion.

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DUST OFF: Future Sound Of London – Kiss FM, London, 1992


A history lesson: Many thanks to Rico Passerini from Berlin for sharing a Future Sound of London show on Kiss FM, during Christmas 1992. A parade of breakbeats and analog sounds for your pleasure, starting with euro techno dinosaurs like Ramirez and Datura and going to deeper electronica. At 28 minutes Moody Boys come with a mix of ragga-infected acid house and at 43 min Rotterdam Termination Source’s love-or-hate-it track “Poing!” brings up memories of raving 1992. At 54 min The Holy Ghost Inc, later Tresor recording artist, offers raw and ugly techno. Plus FSOL’s own sounds, many familiar samples, […]

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