Various – MTRON001 (Mechatronica MTRON001 – 2016)


Mechatronica, a new label among the dozens that have sprung from Berlin, arrives with impressive mini-compilation full of underground electro magic. Mechatronica’s foundations reach back to the year 2012 when Italian DJ Federico Benedetti (ElectroDon) and Chilean artist Daniel Boubet (Trippy-H / Daribone), both later joined by the Danish DJ MEJLE, set up a music and party-promoting collective. Their events have attracted several famed electro purveyors, recent headliners being Rude 66, Morphology, Rutherford, etc. Thus the label launch is not surprising and the debut has all the ingredients of obsession, only when we take “Broken Electronix” by Sync 24 & Luke Eargoggle, an electro track close to perfection. Fireball […]

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Festival report: Tresor 25 years in Berlin


In the high season of open air festivals with sea and sun, the idea of being trapped inside the concrete walls of a former power station in the city of Berlin may not sound too appealing, but when an acclaimed techno institution celebrates its 25 years of existence, the stakes are high for joining the event. Therefore I headed to the German capital for Tresor Festival, a four-day showcase that attracted a fabulous line-up of artists and DJs, many them affiliated with the Tresor network before and now. The festival promised sleepless nights and restless days for the strong, which required advance planning […]

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DUST OFF: Various – The Techno Sound Of Berlin (NovaMute NMCD 3002 – 1992)


Fragrances, jeans, alcohol, a selection of hit CDs and suddenly, “The Techno Sound Of Berlin (Berlin 1992 – Tresor Kompilation)” – it was my first, unexpected meeting with release. It happened in 1992 at Amerest, an upmarket store in the university city of Tartu that opened in the dawn of market economy in Estonia some years earlier. It used to accept foreign currency only, until June 1992 when free-falling rouble was swapped to the Estonia’s national currency kroon. Still former ‘valuta shops’ remained either places to expose own wealth or, for the people not so well off, to do some window shopping. I did the […]

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TECHNO TALK: Gaja (Ophism, Repitch)


After Gaja’s recent release on Ophism, Terminal 313 invited the Berlin-based producer to some questions. What came out is an interesting peek into the mind of the talented Italian. Q: You debuted in 2013 on Repitch, with a fiery EP, which was in line with the label’s sound. But still, why did you choose Repitch (or did they choose you)? Gaja: Mr Chimenti introduced me to Pasquale [Ascione] and Davide [Carbone]. We became quickly really close friends and one day, when Davide and Pasquale where at my place, I told to them ‘try to listen this shit that I recorded’. I […]

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Sven Marquardt – Die Nacht ist Leben (Ullstein extra – 2014)


The gatekeeper orders to have patience of over two hundred pages. So long takes it, from the flashback how Frau Erblich, a classy photo model in her seventies, sadly lost her memory and afterwards never appeared in the photo shoots of Sven Marquardt, to the last chapter titled “How To Get Into Berghain”. Yes, thousands have asked the same question from the friends and taxi drivers, browsed the internet forums and eavesdropped the scene insiders for “How To …?”. When no one else than Berlin’s photo artist Sven Marquardt, known as unpredictable and strict Head Bouncer of Berghain, gives an account of his life so far, the expectations of […]

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Felix Denk, Sven von Thülen – Der Klang der Familie (Suhrkamp Verlag – 2012)


Man spricht viel über die Rolle Berlins in der Wende und beim Mauerfall. Als Hauptstadt Deutschlands ist es touristisch bestimmt ein interessantes Ziel, aber das ist nicht der Hauptgrund, warum die Spreemetropole auch kulturell eine besondere Stellung einnimmt. Für die progressive Jugend der Welt bedeutet Berlin in erster Linie Tresor oder Berghain – die Stadt, die nimmer schläft, ist ein Inbegriff der hedonistischer Lebensweise rund um Party und Beat. Gesprächsrunde zur Techno-Geschichte Wie es dazu gekommen ist beschreiben Felix Denk und Sven von Thülen mit Hilfe der Szene-Insider im Buch “Der Klang der Familie”. Viele Bestandteile der neuesten deutschen Geschichte […]

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DUST OFF: VOOV – It’s Anything You Want It To Be, And It’s A Gas (MFS 7016-5 – 1992)


During the reading of “Der Klang der Familie”, a book about the foundations of techno and party scene in Berlin, it was the right time to recall some classics from the beginning of 1990s. MFS, an acronym for Masterminded For Success, was an influential label back then, specialising on (hard) trance with acts like Effective Force, Cosmic Baby, Futurhythm, Microglobe and many others. After an overkill a few years later, trance became a style despised by many, but in my view MFS and its artists made a huge contribution to the evolution of the European electronic music. VOOV stands for Violation Of […]

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DUST OFF: Gagarin Kongress – Astralleib (Tresor 37 – 1995)


Gagarin Kongress was an one-off project by Edgar Domin and Udo Heitfeld, the latter also known as TV Victor. It was Tresor’s “Sirius” compilation where I found the original of the 1995 track “Astralleib”, a polyrhythmic angular piece positioned between the main floor and leftfield. But the real revelation came when Joey Beltram turned the original upside down with a high-octane remix, providing heavy fuel for all techno engines. The version by The Moon And The Sun kept a delicate stance and for the end breakbeats entered the stage in “Klapperstück”. Buy vinyl from Discogs

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Hard Wax, Paul Lincke and Berliner Luft


In Berlin, Kurfürstendamm and Unter den Linden are must-go place in any travel guide, attracting the tourists visiting the city. Those seeking a different face of Berlin end up in Kreuzberg, a multicultural and bohemian district that is home of many record shops. When getting out at Kottbusser Tor underground station you are close to a world-famous location for cutting-edge electronic music and shining vinyls.Paul-Lincke-Ufer 44A is the headquarters of Hard Wax – the address found at the store’s mail order invoices signifies in real life an inner-yard apartment house. Not a posh place decorated with graffiti and surrounded by small […]

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Hauntologists – EP 3 – 8/10


Derrida coined the term hauntology that in the electronic music has been  extended to the productions of Mordant Music and Ghost Box. Although the term refers to a ghostly theme, this 12-inch would not exactly serve as a soundtrack for creepy movies. Hauntologists, a series launched by Jay Ahern and Stefan Schneider in Berlin, has advanced to the third release that offers the same formerly known ample, undistracted sound work hovering between techno and house, in a deep and dark atmosphere. Knobs have been turned and FX used on the A-side to create a saturated and deep sound palette. B1 […]

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