DUST OFF: Alden Tyrell – Times Like These: 1999-2006 (Clone CD 7 – 2006)


As DJ and producer, synth-obsessed Alden Tyrell has been a stalwart of the Rotterdam’s Clone community and remains active to the present day, despite of releasing (the first) retrospective already in 2006. By that time, Tyrell had become a renowned artist in the world of neo-italo and electro disco, who was providing energised tracks for curing the eighties homesickness. “Times Like These: 1999-2006” collected several of Tyrell’s previous tracks on Clone and Viewlexx, including synthetic party starters such as “Knockers”, “Disco Lunar Module” or “Love Explosion”. However, the album’s real treat is the mood-boosting “La Voix”, carried by Nancy Fortune’s powerful and sensual vocals and “I Feel Love” bass line. When hearing Fortune’s voice, one […]

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Mono Junk – FP-008 (Forbidden Planet FP008 – 2015)


The comeback story of an analog junkie continues. Everyone familiar with the 1990s techno knows how significant role Kimmo Rapatti and his DUM Records played and not only for the Finnish scene. Luckily we do not need past tense in telling this story because after several quiet years, Rapatti revived his Mono Junk alias and after two releases in 2014 keeps delivering. Along with an EP for Skudge White, Mono Junk returned to the Canadian imprint Forbidden Planet to follow up last year’s EP, doing it in a most enjoyable way. Hedonistic horns of the opener “Prince Of The Night” sound like the classic “Beyond The Darkness” has been propelled to […]

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D’Marc Cantu – Car Type EP (Run Out Run RUNOR1006 – 2015)

Ann Arbor, US state of Michigan, is less than one-hour drive from Detroit and the place D’Marc Cantu comes from. Despite of geographical proximity to the Motor City, Cantu has rather courted the sound of Chicago with his genuine jakbeat rebellion, heard on labels like Nation, Crème, Sequencias and many more. He also partners with JTC in the group AM/FM, recently hitting with rude acid tracks on “Doomsday Initiative I”. The newest instalment of Cantu’s work comes on Tom Dicicco’s Run Out Run imprint, after a long wait since the November 2014, when the release was announced. “Car Type EP” is a proof of Cantu’s versatile […]

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Rude 66 – The Kill (Bordello A Parigi ‎BAP016 – 2014)


A sleek hand with colored fingernails holding a shiny sharpened knife: The sleeve promises terror and suspense but well-versed Dutchman Ruud Lekx aka Rude 66 is on a surprisingly convivial trip. The grandmaster of The Hague’s electro acid discovers the fun factor of easy-going synth tracks, out on Bordello A Parigi imprint. The opener “The Kill” is a heavily vocoded electro disco and a glitzy number for jetset satisfaction, followed by slow synth jam “Answers Always Come In Dreams”. The real smash opens the B-side when hi-nrg explosion “Paranoia” sings hallelujah to tax evaders and money launderers on the run, the […]

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Tornaado – Instrumentaaltsükkel “Regatt” (Frotee Records FRO001 – 2013)


The year 2013 saw the birth of the Estonian label Frotee Records, in search of the Balearic beat of the Baltics and doing it with vinyl pressings of long-lost compositions.The label debuted with an EP by a band called Tornaado, thus going back to the year 1979 when Lada, the Soviet worker’s limousine, celebrated the ninth birthday and Pepsi hit some upmarket stores in Estonia. The yachting regatta of the 1980 Moscow Olympics was at the gate in Tallinn, the medieval city preparing for the event of sports and peace, actually boycotted by many Western countries.The funk had arrived across the […]

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Blacknecks 0003 (BLKN003 – 2013)


For the start the Blacknecks techno jet has been rerouted from London to post-season Rimini, as the explosive opener “Fash” summons the resort zombies under the shiny disco ball. Hardened Moroder-esque bass line twins with “Theme From Blacknecks” from the previous release, making a robust nod to Italo worshippers. The return to usual belters happens on the B-side: “Four Cunts And A Badge” sees most sincerely the machines in pain and the track is fueled by furious kick drum going into the realms of hardcore. Distorted, acid-bolstered “Same Old Brand New You” is soaked in havocking synth noise to round […]

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Cratedigging: Supertrax, Svante Thuresson, Black Ice, Dragnet et al


Some interesting finds from a box of vinyl stowed between kitchenware and 1990s jumpers in a second hand outlet. Because of limited time for browsing  just grabbed seven items and now I’m pretty happy with the outcome.Really no techno but the first one, “Supertrax Vol. 1” from 1983, features many highlights of the italo/hi-NRG and electro scene. Taking off with Bobby Orlando and his curated projects like One-Two-Three and The Flirts, we proceed to Patrick Cowley, Paul Parker, Man Parrish, Sylvester and others. Including Maurizio Vandelli AKA Key Of Dreams performing “Africa”, a song known from Toto’s catalog. Liner notes tell […]

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Kid Machine – Replicants EP (Viewlexx V​-​023 – 2012)


Well in time for the sun and sea comes “Replicants EP”, hot-blooded italo tribute by Viewlexx’s new signing Kid Machine. In the spirit of Rimini and the label’s cosmic heritage, the composer from the Northwestern part of UK provides six pieces of space romanticism. Harmonically built title track, where the vocal sample sounds like republicans, and sugary “Cold Planet” are the highlights in an array of uncomplicated melodies and rhythms. For not leaving a too sweet aftertaste, “Night Freaks” features some cyborg vocals on thriving synth hooks. Solid fuel for all sci-fi and disco nerds out there. <p><p><p><p>&<span class=”goog-spellcheck-word” style=”background-color: yellow; background-position: initial […]

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Various – Fouke Le Fitz Waryn EP (Crow Castle Cuts 1037)


Rating: 7/10 A medieval story related to crows and castles is behind the 12-inch compilation but instead of gloomy feelings we get six tracks filled with bright sounds from North Wales.Stamped, and stamped again, edition in grey vinyl might make suspicious but don’t worry, the bird-themed compilation has some qualities. Stronger cuts on the A-side, which begins with fine guitar-touched house in “Exotic Guitar” by Maxim Lany & Lemakuhlar, followed by Studio Swiss’s chord-driven “Falcons Pass”.After ornithological intermezzo called “Knaresborough Bird” by Glyn Ceriog, the flip contains nu disco flavored tracks by Luv Jam and Taylor Made while Plas Vegas […]

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Nacho Patrol – The Africa Jet Band Experience (M Division MDIV07)


Rating: 8/10 Synth freak Danny Wolfers continues his explorations in soulful disco and funk under the Nacho Patrol moniker, delivering a genuine-sounding fiesta of vintage grooves. Except of the knowledge that this record has roots in black music, the references to Africa remain limited and one should not expect any tribal shakers here. Both “Stars Over Africa” and “Salambo Funk” are thriving party fare with vigorously working synth lines, known from Legowelt’s many productions. “Fuzz Party” and “Ghetto Compressor” move closer to jazz, but real bliss comes in “No Angry People” – such a happy track with fizzy synths and […]

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