Body Care Vol. 1 [Terminal 313 Podcast June 2014]

A new home session for your listening pleasure. Again, I could not resist the temptation to mix new material with some older tracks. Tracklist with buy links:Air Liquide – If There Was No Gravity (Jammin’ Unit Remix) (Harvest)Mace. – Support Structures (Attic Music)*BMG & Derek Plaslaiko – The True Story Of A Detroit Groove (Interdimensional Transmissions)Shawn O’Sullivan – Fumarin (Fifth Wall)S100 – Genesis (Semantica)Ghostek – 2.5 Miles Abyss (Deep Sound Channel)Edanticonf – Movement 2 (M_Rec Ltd Grey Series)*L’estasi Dell’oro – Der Hase (Fifth Wall)i – L.T.B.C.Y.B. (Pod Communication/Recognition)Genki  – Sixth School District (Torque)Leiras  – Emisario (Ownlife)Lex Gorrie – Mental Block […]

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20 YEARS: Infamous live gig by PCP Frankfurt at the MayDay, 30 April 1993


It was rather a revolt than live PA what happened at MayDay in Westfalenhalle Dortmund 20 years ago, on 30 April 1993. Infamous PCP (Planet Core Productions) crew from Frankfurt was admitted to the stage to present the current state of hardcore techno to the crowd, and they really did. “Konstablerwache”, “9 Is A Classic” were among the tools the PCP used during the performance, cut short to meagre 15 minutes and faded out with creamy trance sounds. You can perceive the anger and disappointment of HC warriors around Marc Trauner and Thorsten Lambart, as they were ready for more. Luckily […]

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DUST OFF: C-Tank, Influid, Interrupt in DJ Andy Düx chart April/May 1993 (Groove Magazin #21 – 1993)


Compiled by DJ Andy Düx in 1993 for the seminal Groove mag from Frankfurt, this chart reflects the heyday of gabber and hard (acid) trance with many pivotal German labels and artists listed. The first spot was grabbed by “Nightmares Are Reality”, a growling and pounding LP by C-Tank, an act set up by three producers who also operated as Humanoids From The Deep. C-Tank was a flagship of Overdrive, one of the hardcore bastions that time run by Düx himself. The militant title track fires with mad kick drum and “Evil Dead” samples. From Influence Recordings came Influid II sampling […]

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DUST OFF: Aamukirkko / Morning Church on 15 Nov 1992, Helsinki


A piece of paper that awakes fond memories about a special night. In November 1992, following The Temple rave in Helsinki’s Paasitorni, numerous techno heads gathered in Lepakko (The Bat), a legendary home of youth culture and mad parties, to dance to exhaustion. DJs Ata, Heiko M/S/O and Pascal F.E.O.S. from Frankfurt am Main plus local heroes Jokke, Mr Kirk, H2 and Ender delivered it to the crowd that had just witnessed a massive celebration of rave spirit at The Temple, an event that warrants a special story (some pictures are here). For giving audio context to the flyer from […]

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DUST OFF: 303 Nation – Strobe Jams I (Dance Ecstasy 2001 DE 3001 – 1993)


303 Nation, the name is the program. Acid from the brotherhood of notorious Planet Core Productions (PCP), a stronghold of hardcore techno in the beginning of 1990’s. Based in Frankfurt, it united a flock of labels run by Thorsten Lambart and Marc Acardipane, the latter being the artistic engine using dozens of aliases.But it was not one-man-show because Fernando Sanchez and Patrick Vuillaume were commissioned to spread etching bass lines to the world. Also behind the 100% Acidiferous project, they put out four releases in the “Strobe Jams” series for a PCP sublabel Dance Ecstasy 2001. From 1993 is the […]

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Video: Mescalinum United – We Have Arrived (1990)

It was the day when Mescalinum United gave birth to hardcore. With its devastating nature the track literally manifested the arrival of techno’s new brutal face. Like a whirlwind it swept over the skyscrapers of Frankfurt and introduced the world to the joys of massive kick drum.The intro of “We Have Arrived” heralds a mayhem and all obsessed HC fans know what follows. It does not aim at becoming beats-per-minute champion but the track with strong industrial influence carries immense power. In the wake of 1990’s it ruled the scene along with other output by PCP for the Hall Of […]

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DUST OFF: Bullet Proofed Split EP (Super Special Corp. 06 – 1993)


Armed with distortion and brutal bass, cold-blooded commandos rush to annihilating mission. It’s always midnight in their world as they strike and put everything into pieces.These grim sounds are transmitted from the year 1993, on Super Special Corp. that was one of dozens of labels run by Marc Trauner, the mastermind of the Frankfurt school of hardcore. It’s the only release featuring artists Distortion Bastardz and GunMen, which might have been also another alter egos of Trauner, who knows.A1 fills two minutes with evil distorted drone that is like a stretched-out intro. Then A2 goes straight down to the business […]

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DUST OFF: The Possessed – Black Blood (PCP 009 – 1992)


Skulls at large again. Planet Core Productions’ (PCP) hardcore machinery plays with breakbeats but manages to create even darker and gloomier atmosphere than in their usual kickdrum-infected rave monsters. The tracks do not suffer under self-imposed speed limit and relative slowness makes them even harder.“Black Blood” is massive: starts with obscure rubbing sequence, followed by fierce breakbeats, symphonic strings and evil voice samples. “Manipulator” quotes a horror movie dubbed in German and then the mass of breakbeats and hoover sounds makes it another intensive trip. On the flip “The Lord Is My Avenger” begins like a meeting of Middle Eastern […]

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DUST OFF: 100% Acidiferous – Tank / 303 State (100%)


Acid assault from 1993 and Frankfurt. Not the most wanted of five releases by the 100% Acidiferous label. On the A-side “Tank” goes rushing and takes a deep bow to the fans of gabber as BPMs try to break the ceiling. Sounds better when pitched down, although meant for 45rpm. On the flip “303 State” comes and bites with 303-sound and slapping kickdrum but is not as rebellious as the “Tank” side. Playing with pitch control would add new nuances to both tracks. The sleeve carrying the slogan “Caution Acid” reminds of the invasion of a Dutch DJ gang I […]

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90ndate pakike Ebayst

Öeldakse, et Ebay algusaastatel võis sealt hea hinnaga leida üsna haruldasi asju, kuid nüüdseks on ostjate-müüjate teadlikkus tõusnus ja ajad muutunud. Kuid aeg-ajalt tasub sinna kiigata ning mõistliku raha eest mõned plaadid osta. Seega viis uut-vana vinüüli. Esimesena rändas nõela alla 90ndate algupoolel tegutsenud Šoti plaadifirma Limbo ühe põhiartisti Gypsy 12-tolline. “Funk De Fino” on leebem hilisõhtuse house‘i sugemetega rahulik pala, kuid teise poole “Varisuvia” rebib end maast lahti ning laseb valla acidi ning reipa progressiivse biidi. Järgmisena kaks plaati Berliini legendaarselt MFS-plaadifirmalt. Voov läks ajalukku “It’s A Gas” nimelise palaga ning plaadi “Extra Power & Enjoyment” tuleneski ootusest, et […]

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