REVIEW: Eomac – Bedouin Trax (Bedouin Records BDNX 001 – 2016)


Ethnic music has served as a source of inspiration for many artists and when speaking about Arabic flavour in electronica, the most merited producer might have been late Bryn Jones aka Muslimgauze. Radical both in his pro-Arabic views and sound writing, Jones contributed to the evolution of a particular subgenre without targeting too clearly the dance nation. Merging Oriental influences with synthetic beats is not a formula of success itself, because it requires creativeness and insight that is now available from Ian McDonnell aka Eomac, also known as one half of the Irish duo Lakker. The author of several notable tracks in recent years (my favourite is a remix […]

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Shitcluster – Meat Thief (Panzerkreuz 1027 – 2016)


The Hague’s loonies operating under the name Shitcluster have staged another freakshow of rhythmic noise, to disrupt ‘dance music’ as such. New distorted deviations by Charlie Watkins and Jan Duivenvoorden – the latter running nowadays the Unit Moebius Anonymous –  begin with two ramming tracks on the A-side that remind of Ancient Methods’ “The Whip” from 2009. The gruelling chug of A1 is led by hollow, bouncy drums and subtle complaints like coming from Sid Vicious’s taped mouth, followed by asphyxial feel of A2. The B-side opens with rubbery stabs and eerie clonks that are guided by rotating turbines like engineered by Vainio Väisänen Vega and giving the sensations […]

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Stefan Jaworzyn – Principles Of Inertia (Trensmat TR043 – 2014)


Despite of being attached to the UK power electronics and experimental scene from the end of 1980s, Stefan Jaworzyn’s solo work has been limited to a few releases about 20 years ago. Formerly guitar player in the bands Skullflower and Whitehouse, Jaworzyn has made 2014 a year of his resurgence with new albums on Blackest Ever Black, Kye and now on Trensmat.Do not be misled by the bright sunflower on the sleeve because “Principle Of Inertia” exhibits Jaworzyn’s affection to rhythmic noise. The opening tracks. “Biorigged” and “Festival Of Lies” are feasts of short wave modulations and cyberpunk-esque dirty drumming with […]

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Don’t DJ – rɪð.əm (Diskant DISK06 – 2013)


Diskant has been a highly satisfying label for anybody fond of drum-obsessed rhythms, when we only recall vigorous output by The Durian Brothers and Harmonious Thelonious. Don’t DJ remains faithful to the label’s values with a new five-tracker called “rɪð.əm”, which is a phonetic disguise of “Rhythm”. The act is composed of one-fourth of Institut Für Feinmotorik and one-third of The Durian Bothers, which actually means there is one man behind the Don’t DJ project, Florian Meyer. The vinyl-only EP with 500 copies pressed starts with intense drumming subject to sudden tempo changes in “Drob” while A2 track “looppool” emerges like […]

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Demdike Stare – Testpressing#001 (Modern Love Love085 – 2013)


New full moon sessions by Demdike Stare, the act consisting of Miles Whitaker (check also his debut LP on Modern Love) and Sean Canty, whose extraordinary courage for wicked sound explorations have attributed to them a cult status. The duo’s two-tracker inaugurates a new series on Modern Love’s labeled as Testpressing, which kicks off with two sides full of insane electronics.In “Collision” after an apocalyptic intro seismic bass seizes the power and throws us back to the heyday of drum’n’bass, in a heavy and noisy interpretation. On the flip “Misappropriation” is a clear winner with a captivating slow-motion percussive revelry […]

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Tolouse Low Trax – Jeidem Fall (Karaoke Kalk LP 66 – 2012)


“Jeidem Fall” has been on heavy rotation in recent months and in my view it’s a strong contender for the Album of the Year title in 2012.Detlef Weinrich, a member of Kreidler collective, has been operating for a while as Tolouse Low Trax, the project like a tribute to French post-impressionist painter Tolouse-Lautrec, and  “Jeidem Fall” is the fourth album, after macabre “Corridor Plateau” published last year on Apparent Extent.Combining modern and ancient, the new LP is an ode to percussion and processed human voice. With its rhythm-focused agenda it reminds of Harmonious Thelonious and shares some common features with […]

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Innercity – N/A (NNA Tapes 033)


Rating: 8/10 This music is difficult to fit into tight places as it needs high ceilings. Cathedrals would suit the best, especially for the A-side’s “Dada Les Apocalypses”. Solemn droning organ music, both festive and menacing, for the very last minutes before the final demise.Witches would like distorted pumping lo-fi in “The Pyramids Of Northeast Belgium” that goes also easily over quota of sound decadence. Innercity is not a project of Kevin Saunderson – the Detroiter founded Inner City – but conceived by Hans Dens, a Belgian artist who literally caused a flood of releases since 2010. Current seven-inch works […]

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The Durian Brothers – Cuts EP (Diskant 03)


Rating: 9/10 I would not say that Diskant is the second best thing coming from Düsseldorf, after Kraftwerk. But it’s very close. The label has decided to consistently pursue own distinctive, rhythm-obsessed sound. The website of Diskant Brothers ..ahem, Durian Brothers says it is polyrhythmic para-funk and I do not have any objections to that. The definition would work also for the second artist of the label, Harmonious Thelonious.Dry drumming in “Overexposed Scream Contest” reminds of the first, Clubs EP, and shows how the party is started with ecstatic screaming. On the B-side, “Haisai” throws undulating rhythm patterns over hula-hula […]

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