SHXCXCHCXSH – SsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSs (Avian ‎AVNLP003 – 2016)

AVNLP003 Artwork

Sssssnake chhharmers from Sweden, not only linguistically challenging dark knights from SHXCXCHCXSH who boast over 6,300 followers of their empty Soundcloud account, believe in the power of ‘s’ in the new album for UK label Avian. After initial rush to vitriolic roughness, when only to recall earlier catalogue entries by Shifted and MPIA3’s, Avian’s tastes have become more varied (Litüus, for example) and SHXCXCHCXSH’s album belongs rather to the experimental section. Instead of targeting sweaty techno caves with their previous Avian LP “Strgths”, SHXCXCHCXSH emits steamy, pixelated sound that constitutes the basis of most of the compositions. Consciously or not, many parts sound very familiar: one of the album’s best tracks, “Ssss” at […]

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DUST OFF: Freddie Fresh – Comatone 95 (Electric Music Foundation EF 06-12 – 1995)


Minneapolis-born Freddie (Freddy) Fresh was in full swing throughout the 1990s and later, with a massive run of (acid) techno and electro tracks that were released under various guises on labels ranging from Harthouse to Missile. In recent times we have heard less about Fresh – a smoking collab with fellow Midwesterner Paul Birken lies more than three years back – but his extensive back catalogue offers several great finds. One of them is the mid-nineties release “Comatone 95”, which dropped on the Electric Music Foundation (EMF), an Analog Records offshoot launched by Fresh and Auto Kinetic. By the title, Fresh’s 1992 banger “Comatone” on EXperimental, could be related to the EMF release, but by […]

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Various – Visions Vol. II (Blackwater Label BWD004 – 2016)


Since the vinyl debut in 2014, London-based and Italian-run Blackwater Label has put out several releases, trying to get a foothold in the overly competitive techno section. With reasonable success, if to mention Lamanna & Fire At Work’s EP from the better end of acid techno or sturdy club tools by Subion. “Visions Vol. II” is Blackwater’s second digital compilation, of which a small quantity is released on CD, and besides aforementioned artists it mostly belongs to new acquaintances. Sub-headline ‘post-Balearic sound from the center of the universe’ reflects the compilation’s leisure factor and a couple of tunes can fit the playlists of prosecco lounges. The […]

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Giorgio Gigli – The Right Place Where Not To Be (Electric Deluxe EDLX 045 – 2015)


After two years of relative silence in the solo front, Giorgio Gigli has completed the debut album that can be seen as an attempt to challenge the stereotypes. In stark contrast with Gigli’s former droning and noisy floor tracks, the triple vinyl “The Right Place Where Not To Be” is focused on sounds closer to the ambient electronica. Something already heard in the 2010 track “Psychological Scene of the Imagination (Psychoacoustic Edit)”, his collab with Obtane on their own, by now discontinued Zooloft Records. The release sounds quite exceptional also in Electric Deluxe’s catalogue, diverging from its ordinary banging material, especially when Gigli’s previous […]

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Inner8 – Inner8 (Undogmatisch UNDLP01 – 2015)

An ambitious new beginning for Dadub’s Daniele Antezza, properly launching the Inner8 alias with a twelve-track opus on the new label Undogmatisch. A Berliner since 2009, Antezza belongs to the city’s ever-growing community of Italian electronic artists and Dadub, his project with Giovanni Conti, has been one of the main pillars of Stroboscopic Artefacts. In my view, the said duo has been standing for deeper, dubbed out sounds with a portion of clicks and cuts and it is not surprising that Antezza’s solo effort keeps distance to the four-to-the-floor action. In the same breath with Inner8, you may mention Edanticonf, Mogano, […]

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Acronym – June (Northern Electronics NE21 – 2015)

In the areas closer to the Arctic Circle, the month of June is full of suggestive stories – after wintery darkness being defeated, breath-taking white nights proclaim the Summer Solstice. When the nature is in full blossom, even rain and winds do not spoil the magic. Therefore June is something to cherish and Acronym is exactly doing that, with the help of sound-emitting machines. For Acronym, “June” is the fourth release on Northern Electronics. Initially seen as Abdulla Rashim’s experimental side activity, the label has become an established outlet with a strong roster on Nordic artists. Sound wise it is located in the crossroads of tripping pagan rites for […]

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Mønic – Parsons Hill EP (Tresor Tresor.277 – 2015)

“Parsons Hill” is a remarkable meet-up of two different clusters of electronic music when Simon Shreeve, the founder of Osiris Music, arrives on techno bastion Tresor. For years, Osiris has been an epitome of the dubstep and bass music and primarily known as home of Kryptic Minds, Shreeve’s main project so far. However, the UK label is getting hooked on techno, if to look at the recent output by Killawatt and Shreeve’s new alias Mønic. In the Mønic’s new EP, the title track is the closest to proper 1990s club tools and follows Tresor’s dress code with banging Beltram drums. Certain dissonance created by shifted rhythms and odd background […]

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Sanys – Dominance (Downfall Theory DF06 – 2014)


Sanys, a producer from St Petersburg (Russia), uses own outlet Downfall Theory for floor action and has reached his and the label’s sixth EP. Mid-paced title track “Dominance” does many things right with hints of Ferox funk, low-pitched vocal sample and clattering drums but it’s dwarfed by following cuts. A special treat is 303-corroded “My Concern”, which possesses real brain scanner qualities and flirts bravely with trancy elements, while techno freighter “Told You So” is directly heading to Tresor. For the end, the old school calls when Eomac, armed with junglist breaks, devises a downtempo abstract of “Dominance”. Boredom not […]

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Drvg Cvltvre With Chris Moss Acid – American Psychosis (Part One) (Shipwrec SHIP0231 – 2014)


Legit koala acid on Dutch label Shipwrec with two slow-moving tracks conceived by Drvg Cvltvre. Thus compared to his Ra-X days of fast and furious acid techno, Drvg Cvltvre’s Vincent Koreman walks at the other end of BPM spectrum. The first track “Acid Flash” co-features the skills of the UK producer Chris Moss and pours not surprisingly excessive 303 all over the place. But the real treat is on the flip: The knight of doomdisco keeps repeating “I’ll Wear Your Face On a Chain” in a heavily percussive piece with wicked acid programming. Buy vinyl from JunoBuy vinyl from Clone

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Korridor – Path 0102.591 (Northern Electronics ‎NE7 – 2014)


Another fine production from the Northern Electronics camp. Heading to the hallways of hypnosis, suburban Stockholm artist Fabian Kempe makes the vinyl debut with “Path 0102.591”. Korridor’s mini-LP is focused on acid-tinged atmospheric excursions reminiscent of the works of fellow countryman Andreas Tilliander (TM404) and the label’s own Ulwhednar.Preferring the subtleties, Korridor’s composition of  “Path #01” prefers fuzzy surface with background crackles. The best pick is viciously looping “Path #02.5”, which reminds of Mike Dred’s “Macrocosm” while “Shift #91” moves closer to the section of aquatic ambient. All in all Korridor’s work can be seen as a likable attempt to […]

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