REVIEW: RX-101 – EP1 (Suction Records suction032 – 2016)


At the end of 1990s, Suction Records garnered much support for its synth and wave magic from Lowfish, Skanfrom, Mitgang Audio and others. Although in the last decade, the label from Toronto has been less in the limelight, it recently brought out a few notable records from the EBM and industrial angle, including new material by Celldöd from Sweden and a set of remixes of “Work Terminal”, a vintage track of Toronto’s legendary group Digital Poodle. Suction’s newest discovery Erik Jong is from the Netherlands – a survivor of warehouse techno era who has opened his bedroom producer’s archives under the RX-101 […]

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REVIEW: Convextion – 2845 (A.R.T.LESS VEXT LP 1 – 2016)


About every ten years, Convextion is shaking up the world. It began in 1995 when Sean Deason’s Matrix Records from Detroit launched with the debut twelve from the electronic artist from Dallas. The follow-up on the same label and EPs on Tektite and Down Low Music brought the Texan Gerard Hanson to the awareness of the public who appreciated deeper, dub-infected techno. Convextion’s brilliant debut album in 2006 created immense but well-earned hype but also left a strange aftertaste because of Down Low Music’s decision to do numerous represses of what initially was meant to be a limited edition. Probably it […]

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Lok44 – Bous (TRUST025 – 2016)


Since 1998, DJ Glow from Vienna has been running a label that has trust in electro. After all the years, TRUST’s catalogue can’t called extensive but the label is putting out records at a steady pace and the lineup speaks for itself, with artists like Microthol, Epy or Clatterbox and a number of mini compilations from recent times. In 2003, Lok44 debuted on the label with “Ghetto Of The Mind” and after “Derailed” in the following year fell silent for a long time. Till now I was not aware about the background of the act that was so far spotted in my collection only with a remix […]

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David Morley – The Origin Of Storms (De:tuned ASGDE010 – 2016)


De:tuned is keen to put acclaimed artists from the past to contemporary context, either by reissuing old or presenting new productions. The LA Synthesis double pack was one of the 2015 highlights and after B12’s “Transient Life”, it’s the turn of the UK-born Belgian resident David Morley who debuted back in 1992 with “Evolution” on R&S Records’ ambient offshoot Apollo and was active in the nineties with a handful EPs. With “The Origin Of Storms” the Belgian label resumes the pursuit for abundant textures in electronic music, when Morley’s beatless synth variations are floating over ambient fields in the 12″+10″ album over 40 minutes of playtime. The […]

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Pär Grindvik – Isle Of Real (Stockholm LTD Sthlm LTD LP01 – 2016)

temp sthlm lp digi v2

In the era of fast music consumption, when one can shuffle through the track-by-track streaming experience instead of buying a LP, the album format is luckily far from becoming obsolete. It’s still an effort that is meant to reflect the artist’s maturity, to look back to at least a couple of years of production experience. For Pär Grindvik, the waiting time was even longer, going back to the 1990s when he was in the heart of Swedish techno scene as DJ and record store owner. Preceded by a couple of split releases, Grindvik’s first solo EP “Monuments” came out in 2006 on his own […]

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Various – SEMANTICA 10.I / 10.II (2016)


Hard to believe that Semantica Records has been in business for a decade and even the previous milestone with the “Five Years Compilation” series feels like a recent event. Over the time, the label boss Svreca has managed to keep the touch despite of extensive catalogue and has attracted a stellar roster, virtually a Who’s Who of today’s techno. The label from Madrid has also played a major role for a minor thing called Terminal 313, because Svreca was among the very first label owners and artists who trusted my fledgling blog and shared information about the coming releases. Regular Terminal 313 […]

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LA Synthesis – Agraphobia Relapse (De:tuned ASGDE008 – 2015)


Initially a party organisation from Belgium, De:tuned has become a record label for reanimating the sounds from electronic music’s early days. Either new or unreleased material by artists like Mike Dred, Thomas P. Heckmann, Steve Stoll has seen the daylight on the label that completed the year 2014 with a whopping five-record box set “5 Years De:tuned“. For the first time, the track “Agraphobia” was released in 1994 on Plink Plonk, a pioneering techno label co-founded by Mr. C (of Shamen). It was the breakthrough for LA Synthesis, a two-man project by Tony Gallagher and Carl Grant formed in London in 1992. […]

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Erik Truffaz & Murcof – Being Human Being (Mundo Recordings mundo003-LP – 2014)

“Being Human Being” is a cross-genre collaboration of the French jazz trumpeter Erik Truffaz and Murcof, Mexican electronics producer. Not for the first time, as in 2008 they released the album “Mexico” on Blue Note and the same label features Truffaz’s numerous collabs with other artists. The sleeve art by the graphic artist Enki Bilal is about humiliation and despair, with Sarajevo and Belgrade, Bilal’s native city, scribbled on the wall and reminding of hardships the Balkans have gone through in last decades. But the album, occasionally seeking the dark depths of the human nature, is not as gloomy as expected, expressing the hope of things turning better. The album starts with melancholic intro “Origin […]

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KUUM suvi 1995: Siim Nestor Liivimaa elektroonikast – Neuron Phase, Lu:k, Drone jt


[This post in Estonian only, about the mid-1990s electronic music scene in Estonia as featured in KUUM magazine in the summer of 1995.] Becki miniposter ja Mr Lawrence’i või Vennaskonna feature oli väärt lugemine, kuid ajakirja KUUM 1995. aasta suvenumbrist jäi kõigepealt silma Siim Nestori ülevaade Liivimaa elektroonikast. Jutuks Neuron Phase, Lu:k, Drone ja teised tegelased Põltsamaast lõuna poole, aga ka Eesti elektroonika skene tervikuna.KUUM oli Pirita linnaosas Erik Morna juhtimisel ilmunud ajakiri, mis interneti-eelsel ajastul oli asendamatu infoallikas kohaliku ja piiritaguse moodsa muusika kajastamisel ning andis välja ka mõned kohalike artistide kassetid.

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Wochtzchée – T400 (Wochtzchée – 2013)


Estonian producer Taavi Tulev is mostly known for his Wochtzchée project and has completed a new digital/CDr EP called “T400”. The textures of the title track indicate electronica sitting in the front row of the release with compositions moving between electronic clicks & cuts and deep modulations. In “Jääkiired / Ice Rays” fragile layers come up, hovering in the distance like aurora borealis in the Northern hemisphere while the shadowy side with some EBM notes appears in “Masinkaja Masinaga / Machine Delay With Machine”, later flowing into comforting electronica. Dissonant “Algusemaiguline lõpp / The End With A Taste Of Beginning” […]

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