REVIEW: Sebastian Reuschel – The World Is Shit (ZCKR14 – 2016)


With echoing creak, the door opens to the world of abandonment, spider webs covering a metronome that sets the pace towards the midnight. Diabolical noises are gradually growing to hardly digestible sonic oppression where the crudity has its certain charm. Fifteen minutes of the A-side’s “Exav 2B” are a tour de force of beatless dark ambient with suffocating drone passages, haunting overdrive effects and hollow whispers that make the mood-o-meter scraping the extremes. On the flip, “Dying Alone” is a wall of doom spanning over brain-challenging ten minutes with an abrupt end. Bremen’s ZCKR has become one of my permanent objects […]

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DJ Spider & Phil Moffa – Madison Square Dungeon (Plan B Recordings PBR045 – 2016)


Established in 2008, Plan B Records is a true New York City powerhouse run by DJ Spider and Lola aka Dakini9 who have supplied many of the label’s releases. In the same, they have hosted a number of techno and (deep) house producers, if to recall only Amir Alexander who dropped wonderful deep house EP “Sonic Subversion” last year. DJ Spider, whose sound can be described ‘dirty’, spelled with admiration, has a penchant for collabs, either with Marshallito, Hakim Murphy or Franklin Da Costa, to name just a few, and for the catalogue number PBR045 the label frontman rejoins forces with NYC-based electronic musician Phil Moffa. […]

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Various – SEMANTICA 10.I / 10.II (2016)


Hard to believe that Semantica Records has been in business for a decade and even the previous milestone with the “Five Years Compilation” series feels like a recent event. Over the time, the label boss Svreca has managed to keep the touch despite of extensive catalogue and has attracted a stellar roster, virtually a Who’s Who of today’s techno. The label from Madrid has also played a major role for a minor thing called Terminal 313, because Svreca was among the very first label owners and artists who trusted my fledgling blog and shared information about the coming releases. Regular Terminal 313 […]

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Theologian vs Ancient Methods – La Saignée (Metaphysik MP202 – 2016)


The A-side of “La Saignée” (“Bloodletting”) is exactly what we can expect from Metaphysik, one of Berlin’s danse macabre outlets, which is keen to explore the sounds of mental and physical decay. The opener “Death Elemental” is written by Lee M. Bartow aka Theologian who launched back in 1997 an American noise project under the banner of Navicon Torture Technologies and during the last decade created an extensive catalogue for his own label Annihilvs. For Metaphysik, Theologian emits over 13 minutes of black ooze, which is initially carried by eerie drone and then crosses over to morbid modern classical in co-operation with Gretchen Heinel’s cello and Daniel Suffering’s synth. The […]

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Various – Visions Vol. II (Blackwater Label BWD004 – 2016)


Since the vinyl debut in 2014, London-based and Italian-run Blackwater Label has put out several releases, trying to get a foothold in the overly competitive techno section. With reasonable success, if to mention Lamanna & Fire At Work’s EP from the better end of acid techno or sturdy club tools by Subion. “Visions Vol. II” is Blackwater’s second digital compilation, of which a small quantity is released on CD, and besides aforementioned artists it mostly belongs to new acquaintances. Sub-headline ‘post-Balearic sound from the center of the universe’ reflects the compilation’s leisure factor and a couple of tunes can fit the playlists of prosecco lounges. The […]

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Various – Grey City (ZCKR 10 – 2015)

ZCKR Records is an independent label from Bremen, a city in Northern Germany and the smallest Bundesland. Historically, Bremen is known for its fairy-tale Town Musicians, four animals who formed a band and scared off a thief with dissonant, shrill improvisations. No need to be afraid of ZCKR, although the label and its artists are keen to explore the wilder side of (electronic) music. After outstanding 12-inches by surrealist sound writer Anom Vitruv and emerging local producer Qnete, ZCKR’s tenth vinyl release gives a snapshot of the local scene, in the first label compilation “Grey City”. Diversity is the tagline throughout 11 tracks that take off with 37 […]

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Acronym – June (Northern Electronics NE21 – 2015)

In the areas closer to the Arctic Circle, the month of June is full of suggestive stories – after wintery darkness being defeated, breath-taking white nights proclaim the Summer Solstice. When the nature is in full blossom, even rain and winds do not spoil the magic. Therefore June is something to cherish and Acronym is exactly doing that, with the help of sound-emitting machines. For Acronym, “June” is the fourth release on Northern Electronics. Initially seen as Abdulla Rashim’s experimental side activity, the label has become an established outlet with a strong roster on Nordic artists. Sound wise it is located in the crossroads of tripping pagan rites for […]

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Mønic – Parsons Hill EP (Tresor Tresor.277 – 2015)

“Parsons Hill” is a remarkable meet-up of two different clusters of electronic music when Simon Shreeve, the founder of Osiris Music, arrives on techno bastion Tresor. For years, Osiris has been an epitome of the dubstep and bass music and primarily known as home of Kryptic Minds, Shreeve’s main project so far. However, the UK label is getting hooked on techno, if to look at the recent output by Killawatt and Shreeve’s new alias Mønic. In the Mønic’s new EP, the title track is the closest to proper 1990s club tools and follows Tresor’s dress code with banging Beltram drums. Certain dissonance created by shifted rhythms and odd background […]

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Polar Inertia – Kinematic Optics EP (Dement3d Records DM3D011 – 2015)

Techno shamans from Polar Inertia keep demonstrating their prowess with the third EP on Dement3d, when “Kinematic Optics EP” drops after convincing “Indirect Light” and “The Last Vehicle”, both among most sought-after releases of the Paris label. Polar Inertia reports nothing new about their biographical details and it is also irrelevant, seeing how capable they are in creating a well-working blend of trance influences and rugged techno textures. Actually, calling over 73 minutes of music an EP is actually misleading, but vinyl buyers can be only happy about. However, the label quickly realised that the length does not justify the price (€14) asked for the digital release and allocated a […]

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Israel Vines – WWKD EP (Eye Teeth TEETH-1 – 2015)

A new release by Israel Vines had been in my wishlist since hearing his superb remixes for Stave and Erika, when Vines’s skill to control the groove made appetite for more. Although I was a bit too early with the assumption that in 2014 we should have watched out for him, Vines has not disappeared anywhere and now has the honour to inaugurate Eye Teeth, a sub-label marking the artistic adulthood of Ann Arbor’s Interdimensional Transmissions. In the title track WWKD”, the Midwest veteran and current Los Angeles based artist, releases the steam to make room to roiling bass line, percussive variations, inclusive some cracked […]

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