Early in 2014, not many might have noticed Valved’s “Blood On The Controls”, a limited-run cassette album on Trensmat’s sub-label Nute. Valved, dedicated to industrial disaster sci-fi techno, has now found a fertile ground for further body and mind manipulations when Trensmat drops a noisy 12-inch of remixes, featuring industrial techno stalwartRead More →

Release date is in May 2014 “Permanent Affinity” is another split release on Par Recordings, Montevideo. Label head George Paar embarks on a fast-paced night flight with stringent and sterile sequencing in “The Song That Never Ends” where the noisiness dominates over the grooves.The B-side belongs to Italian artist ClaudioRead More →

Sturdy industrial exploits of “Unseen Warfare”, Damaskin’s debut on Unknown Percept, created an impression of having another doom techno producer on board. However, Damaskin’s new EP for Rome-based Concrete Records is of different breed is. On the label’s third vinyl release after Joe & Ubit and Voices From The Lake, the producerRead More →

When tracing the foundations of artist name Drøp, it can be guessed as a Nordic thing because of the symbol ø, a vowel in Norwegian/Danish. But more probably it stands for the mathematical empty set, a state of being which describes well Drøp’s debut EP “Vasundhara”. The project is a brainchild of Italian Giuseppe Bifulco, bornRead More →

Donato Dozzy prefers to travel the labels of the world instead of staying faithful to selected ones. Now he pursues a Berlin-Italian connection with the solo premiere on Lucy’s Stroboscopic Artefacts, after having contributed earlier with a remix.The four-track EP plays with techno’s various sub-streams and gets a witchcraft-inspired startRead More →