Rating: 8/10 The first challenge is linguistic: Zerkleinerungs-maschine is a shredder and Feindehnungsmeßgerät some sort of measuring device. So the titles promise serious German engineering that comes in a form of acid and distorted bass.The sleeve sports a writing “Robotron”, known as a computer brand in the German Democratic Republic, and the soundRead More →

Rating: 9/10 Railway, a symbol of motion, offers ultimate percussion experience as the rhythmic movement can be physically perceived on board. Chris Watson, a founding member of Cabaret Voltaire, decided to use trains as instruments and traveled with his recording gear across Mexico to capture sounds of rails for an album releasedRead More →

Rating: 8/10 When at 60 degrees North there was no snow in January, “Cult Spectrum” seemed appropriate music for dark and bare landscapes of the moment. Having released a cassette on Digitalis two years ago, Nova Scotian Arms presents now somber compositions on their first LP for the label.Painted blackRead More →