The sixth release on Greek label Vanila offers a hefty dose of wild rituals from Morah’s distorted mind. With sluggish but hammering percussion, Greek madman delivers a rhythmic noise masterclass with plenty of obscured vocal samples. Unless you are in favour of ultra-slow versions, the vinyl has to be playedRead More →

Saint Abdullah, a project by two US-Iranian brothers, was introduced to the world with the track “Mossadegh’s Revenge For 52” on Boomarm Nation’s spectacular “Family Album 2017”, a digital compilation from the experimental side of dub and world music. Prior to that, the duo had promised intense cross-cultural experience with someRead More →

Shawn O’Sullivan aka 400PPM lets the listener to decide the purpose of his new album. All eleven cuts are far from abstract, dark noisescapes often heard on Avian in recent times but it’s not a pure ‘dance’ album either when predominant modular monotony is topped with multiple layers and references to the decades of electronicRead More →